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Wine Smarties Video Blog : Wine Opener Challenge! Part 1 of 2

Lindsay and her "Real Person" Assistant Heather Test out 6 different Wine openers to find which one works the best and is the Best Value for your money.

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Toast to downtown: House of Pure Vin aims to quench thirst for wine

Although the Detroit Lions home opener next month is likely to conjure images of beer-swigging football fans, Regina Gaines wants you to think about wine instead. Namely, the wine she will sell in House of Pure Vin, a wine store that she and co-owners

Raiders' Taiwan Jones making another switch on field

Finding a spot for him to make plays outside of that will be best for the offense.” Jones actually played more running back than cornerback even in his two years as a defensive player. Jones ended up getting 12 snaps on offense in 2013 when Oakland's 

This Tiny Titanium Tool Fits on Your Zipper

Pellegrino was searching for a bottle opener when he happened upon a broken, oversized zipper pull that had snapped in a way that made it sort of resemble a bottle opener. After opening and enjoying his beer, Pellegrino set to work creating a tiny tool

Why a Man Needs a Wife

Source: My Life and Walk With God

“He who finds a wife finds a good thing” (Proverbs 18:22). My friend Dr. Fred Luter, pastor of New Orleans’ Franklin Avenue Baptist Church, has an interesting way of introducing his beloved Elizabeth from the pulpit. He calls her “the love of my life, the apple of my eye, my prime rib, my good thing. Elizabeth has heard all that only a few thousand times, but she beams each time, as the congregation laughs and applauds. My dad, Carl J. McKeever, who loved mom, Lois Kilgore McKeever, every day of his life, would say, “My rib is the best bone in my body. When the great C. S. Lewis married Joy Davidman, she moved into his house near Oxford and looked around. His home, called “The Kilns,” hadn’t been redecorated in decades. “The walls and carpets are full of holes,” Joy wrote. ” She feared that moving the bookcases might cause the walls to cave in. Joy was soon bringing in decorators and workmen and turning that pile of rubble into a home worthy of its distinguished resident. Who can calculate the worth of a good wife. I was thinking this week about this. My friend Randy is burying his wonderful wife of 53 years today. I participated in Charlene’s funeral on Monday, and they were transporting her body to Florida for burial. This distraught husband has some lonely and tearful days and nights ahead, and there is nothing to do but to go through them. His big house will have never seemed so huge. I told him, “I don’t have any particular reason for coming except I no longer have anyone to spot something on my back or neck and tell me I should see a doctor about that. ” I said, “Would you mind looking me over. The doctor spotted a pink area above one eyebrow. “We’ll keep an eye on that. They say widowers and other single men live shorter lives than married men. If that’s the case, I think I know why. A wife will see that a man eats right, and that he sees his doctors as necessary. I’m still working on eating right. Today, among other things, I’ve eaten a banana, a peach, blueberries, strawberries and an apple. I’m taking my vitamins and such, but I’ve done that for years on my own. And, in the five months-plus since Margaret left, I’ve had a colonoscopy and made appointments with the dermatologist and the optometrist, whose appointment is next week. In addition to all the intimate and emotional needs a wife fills, a good wife is a counselor, a sounding board, an advisor, another brain and someone to stand on the other side of the bed so that making it up is easier. A good wife will not necessarily pick up after her husband, but she will not allow him to adopt slovenly habits. “Hey, do you really want to leave those old shoes on my carpet. ” That sort of thing. Next week, my three local grandchildren, who are young adults in their own right, will be sleeping in my house while Neil and Julie participate in a church mission to Washington State. The girls will sleep in the king-bed in our guest room. So, today I went to the store and bought a new set of linens, and washed them, then put them on the bed. It’s not that there aren’t other sheets around here, but some are for twin beds, some for standard, some for queen and, presumably, some for king. I just couldn’t find the ones for the king bed. I didn’t look real hard. The sheets and pillow cases I bought are wine-colored, sort of a royal purple or maroon. No one will ever wonder which ones fit the king. She would know exactly where everything is and would have that guest room ready in five minutes. I imagine it’ll be easier next time. I miss Margaret telling me what she thinks of a blog I’m working on. She would not hesitate to say, “That’s too long,” or, “Boring. ” Or, “Why do you think anyone will want to read this. Only a life-partner of many years knows you well enough to know what she can get by with saying. I miss having someone to say those socks do not work with that outfit, that tie with that shirt or that coat with those slacks. So, if you see me looking mismatched, you’ll know why. A wife seems to come into the world knowing about kitchens and menus and nutrition labels. I’m so ignorant of these things, it’s pitiful. I bought a counter-top toaster oven the other day. In order to make space for it, I cleared off some of the things Margaret left there—the tea pot, the electric can opener, that sort of thing. Looking at the title of this piece, I wonder if anyone reading it thought I was.

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Best Electric Wine Opener: No More Stuck Corks

Best Electric Wine Opener: No More Stuck Corks
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Campagnolo wine opener, the best wine bottle opener EVER.

Campagnolo wine opener, the best wine bottle opener EVER.
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Google Books

Great Wine Made Simple
Great Wine Made Simple
Published by Clarkson Potter 2010
ISBN 0767904788,9780767904780
326 pages

From “one of the wine world’s most popular voices” (USA Today), a newly updated edition of her by-now classic introduction to wine, GREAT WINE MADE SIMPLE: Straight Talk from a Master Sommelier, reflects up-to-the minute wine trends, including the burgeoning popularity of the Shiraz grape, new flavor maps, and much, much more. First published in 2000, Great Wine Made Simple established Andrea Immer Robinson as America’s favorite wine writer. Avoiding the traditional and confusingly vague wine language of “bouquet” and “nose,” and instead discussing wine in commonsense terms, the book launched Andrea’s career as a wine authority without pretense. Now, thoroughly revised, Great Wine Made Simple lives up to its title by making selecting and enjoying wine truly simple. With Andrea Immer...

Cocktails For Dummies, Mini Edition
Cocktails For Dummies, Mini Edition
Published by John Wiley and Sons 2010
ISBN 9781118042618,1118042611
64 pages

Everything you need to shake, stir, and serve like a pro! From the classics to today's coolest cocktails, this guide shows you how to mix up whatever concoctions you or your guests might desire. With coverage of the basic tools and detailed illustrations of the glasses you'll need, this book is the perfect entertaining companion. Open the book and find: Dozens of hip and classy recipes How to set up a bar Ways to slice your garnishes like a pro How to shake a perfect martini Trendy drink details few know

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Finally got my wine bottle opened thanks to @seannanana for the wine bottle opener!! Best surprise when I came into work.


Vinomaster Wine Bottle Opener Including Foil Cutter - The Best Professional Corkscrew with… http://t.co/KWJntRUyZt http://t.co/lJo9ZBjNSj


@byBarvivo The best wine opener on the market, read this! #Market #wine #drinks #fun #friends #great #times http://t.co/N2WspM2pbe

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The Best Steamed Asparagus
Ingredients:asparagus, butter, white wine

The Best Grilled Steak Ever!
Ingredients:seasoning, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, garlic, rib eye steak, seasoning

Absolutely the Best Southern Sweet Tea
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Toast to downtown: House of Pure Vin aims to quench thirst for wine
08/08/15, via Crain's Detroit Business

Although the Detroit Lions home opener next month is likely to conjure images of beer-swigging football fans, Regina Gaines wants you to think about wine instead ... Tyagi will not only help the owners pick the best wines to sell at House of Pure Vin ...

DAWA judge: Hiroshi Ishida
08/07/15, via Decanter

Currently working at Hotel Nikko as their executive sommelier, he also acts as a consultant and writes a blog for the online magazine Openers. Hiroshi was named Best Sommelier of Japan ... has been a Decanter Asia Wine Awards judge since 2013.

Booked in New Orleans: ARC NOLA authors cover their genres in writing style
08/07/15, via Examiner

Their co-written Top Dog series follows the tale (no pun intended ... the item made it to at least one book table. Wine corks, letter openers, toys, bookmarks and more were free for the readers to enjoy. The tables of authors were literally endless ...

The first ingredient Project 365(2) Day 290
The first ingredient Project 365(2) Day 290

My friend Pete wants to know how to make perfect paella. Well he has the pan and I have emailed him my own recipe. What I failed to tell him was the most important ingredient which ensures success every time is a decent bottle of vino tinto. Now I am no wine connoisseur and there is nothing in my wine rack that costs more than a few Euros but then you don’t actually need to pay more than that to get something quite reasonable here in Spain. I like wines that are full bodied, deep purple in colour with an intense aroma. I like the warm taste of berry fruits and a long after taste in the mouth. Anything less than 12% stays on the shelf, in fact, these days I’ll only select wines 12.5% or higher (many are 13% or more). My favourite at the moment is Abadía Mantrús – an oak aged wine from Ribera del Duero. At less than 3 Euros a bottle it is eminently drinkable. . Pete, my advice to you is to open a bottle before you start preparing the ingredients. Trust me, by the time you...

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J.W. Morris 2005 Chardonnay is one of the best white wine I had this year. Sweet, clear, with strong floral accent, very crisp. The left one is a Chardonnay from Chile. Opened it last nite, don't like it. Too strong, to sour, a little bitter. Hope it will get better with time.

Photo by .snow

Shiraz 2011 -  Wynns, Coonawarra
Shiraz 2011 - Wynns, Coonawarra

Bright vibrant colour with vivid purple hues. Packed with mulberries, rhubarb and red cherry, overlaid by pepper and floral notes. As the aromas open up, a savoury, dark olive flavour carries through to complexing nuances of subtle toast, nutmeg and cinnamon spice. A fresh, vibrant and fruit filled palate, a structure supported by delicate oak and gentle but well defined tannins. Red fruits mesh with lingering spice notes to create a delicious and balanced Coonawarra Shiraz. Website: www.coonawarra.org

Photo by Vintuitive