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Woodturning Segmented Coffee Mug

I take a couple of cheap plastic travel mugs from a discount store and turn them into an awesome set of segmented wooden travel / coffee mugs.

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Cape Cod race lets runners compete virtually from treadmills

For Falmouth, that includes 3,000 runners who were turned away this year because of size limits, along with others who couldn't travel to Cape Cod. “This gives For their fee, treadmill runners got an official finisher's mug and a race keychain

A story from Sunday Mass

“I went to church with my Mem. Some people got a drink and a snack — but I didn't.” Jocelyn Allen / New Bedford. GOT A GREAT STORY? Tell us at tales@globe.com. If we print yours, we'll send you a travel mug and reusable shopping bag.

It's Free Stuff Friday!

The first 100 guests receive a free travel mug with coffee refills for a year and a chance to win free paninis for a year. Each Monday throughout the summer from 2 to 8 p.m., JerryBuilt Burgers will be asking customers to "roll the dice" with them. As

Frugal & Zero Waste Tidbits From Our College Road Trip

Source: The Non-Consumer Advocate

My older son and I just got back from his two day college orientation, which meant three days away from home since the orientation began at 10 A. M. , inconveniently five-and-a-half hours away from home. (Didn’t exactly relish leaving home at 4 A. M. to get there on time. I bought a fat loaf of French bread the morning that we left, and assembled a big ol’ turkey sandwich, which I then cut into fourths. I threw some 6/$1 Grocery Outlet yogurts into a cooler, as well as a bag of mini carrots, I then tossed together some rotini and kale pesto. I filled reusable water bottles and poured a cup of coffee into my thrifted ceramic travel mug. Reusable stainless steel spoons and forks also made their way into the cooler. Thus fortified, we were able to get from point A to point B without buying any food or drinks. We refilled the water bottles at rest stop water fountains. My son’s dorm room accommodation was included in the free orientation, ( Ha, not really free at all. ) but I needed to book a motel room. Southern Oregon University is located in the beautiful town of Ashland, home to the world famous Oregon Shakespeare Festival, which is great, but the downside is that finding a cheap place to stay is never going to happen. I pored through Airbnb and HomeAway listings, but they were more expensive than a cheapo motel. I ended up staying at the locally owned Timbers Motel, which looked decent, was relatively inexpensive and was literally across the street from the school. I clicked through eBates and Priceline to get cash back and a better deal, which brought the price down to $191 for two nights minus whatever I get back from eBates. It included a continental breakfast, which was a plus. After dropping our stuff in the room, we went into town for pizza slices. Ashland is full of pricey dining options, but we’d discovered Martolli’s pizza last year and made a beeline for it. Fifteen dollars stuffed the two of us, which included the tip. This ended up being the only money we spent on food. Luckily, the orientation included a dining hall swipe card for both of us. This included a breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus, there was free coffee, tea, soda and ice water available throughout. I brought my ceramic travel mug to every event and was able to avoid single use cups. There was a tea which included cookies and cut up fruit, and I chose to eat the fruit on a paper plate with my fingers rather than take a plastic fork. Yeah, I got a little sticky, but all that free coffee made me very familiar with bathroom locations, so there was frequent hand washing. We could have easily spent money on food between meals, but we didn’t. The University bookstore is run by Barnes and Noble, and includes a large section for logo gear. But I knew there was a Goodwill in town, which would be my first choice. I follow The Compact and choose to only buy used, which I rarely stray from. Not surprisingly, Goodwill had a myriad of choices, and my son picked out two $2. 99 SOU T-shirts. ) He allowed to me snap one quick photo of him in front of the shop, even though the sun was directly in his eyes. We needed to leave the motel yesterday morning, as we’d be at orientation until after the 11 A. M. check out time. But I chatted with the manager, who let me store the last half of our turkey sandwich in their refrigerator. (Didn’t relish leaving the sandwiches in a hot car all day, even in a cooler. ) I also talked to him about how I’d reserved through Priceline, but would rather book directly for future trips as they’re a small business. He told me to call the motel after checking Priceline, and that they’d match the price. Money for a small business owner instead of William Shatner. The trip home saw us eating the last of the sandwich, plus finishing the carrots. We refreshed our water bottles at an Arby’s connected to a gas station. We may have bought two Payday candy bars, as they were buy-one-get-one-for-a-dime at the gas station. We were hungry by the time we hit home, but I threw together a quicky dinner of macaroni-and-cheese with kale pesto, as well as some pierogi’s from the freezer, which also got the kale pesto treatment. kale pesto. $191 for the motel. 98 for two T-shirts $9. 50 for tips, (pizza, school barista and the motel housekeeper.

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Personalized Love Travel Mug

Personalized Love Travel Mug


Price: $19.98

Love your favorite drink? Show how much with one of our classic Travel Mugs#44; personalized with your drink of choice. We'll custom personalize any line you choose the heart design for a custom mug to call your own. Our Travel Coffee Mugs make great stocking stuffer gifts and are perfect for anyone on your shopping list. .

Personalized You Name It Travel Mug

Personalized You Name It Travel Mug


Price: $19.98

Whether your favorite drink is tea#44; coffee or refreshing juice#44; use this engraved Travel Mug#44; personalized with any name and one line message as a way to drink in style. .These Personalized Travel Mugs are great gifts for any occasion. .


Travel Mugs Ceramic Mugs Custom Mugs, Personalized Mugs ...
Travel Mugs Ceramic Mugs Save 40% on custom mugs for a limited time with Shutterfly. Create a personalized photo mug with your favorite photos to give it that special ...

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Vandor LLC 99251 Star Wars Double Wall Ceramic Travel Mug with Silicone Lid, 12-Ounce, Black and Gray

Amazon.com: Ceramic Travel Mug
Product Description... Double insulated porcelain travel mug in the Pix pattern with silicone ...

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Laser Etched & Painted #Personalized #Ceramic #Travel Coffee Mug, LINK: http://t.co/jZUpHOi7so http://t.co/mjChnxJLxv





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Ingredients:chocolate syrup, frosting, rice krispies, margarine, food coloring

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The Tiki Oasis festival in California hails all things Polynesian
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