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Thermos Stainless King 16 Ounce Travel Mug with Handle, Matte Black

  • Built in tea hook, easily holds tea bags or...
  • Fits most automobile cup holders; single...

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The Best Travel Mug - Contigo West Loop Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated w/ Autoseal - Review

to/1KgAZrp (16oz and 20oz, any color, now has built in locking button on top of the lid). this mug gets my.

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Saudi Arabia – A Trip to Medain Saleh

Source: alexofoz

The trip to Medain Saleh was first suggested by Donna 18 months ago and the planning for it began 15 months ago, so no one could accuse us of attacking this trip in a care-free manner. First of all we had to learn more about what we were going to visit as none of us really knew much about it. The information we had was as much as contained in the book of trips that all westerners have and the word-of-mouth information we had... We knew that there was historical significance and the name of ‘Lawrence Of Arabia’ came into it somehow. During the early days of the planning, Nick’s mother, Mary, was included in the trip. Mary is a camper of many years experience and we all get along famously, so it was all of our pleasure when it was determined that she was able to come from England. Plus Mary is a person who gets great joy from seeing things Saudi and is full of enthusiasm. One of the most difficult and frustrating parts of the organizing was getting the letter giving us permission to visit Medain Saleh. It is an historical site of great significance and is one of the few places that are actually being truly cared for by the authorities, so a visitor must have a letter of permission from the Ministry of Antiquities. We started the process some 4 months ago. Neither Nick, Donna or myself knew how to go about obtaining the letter and any locals that we spoke to about Medain Saleh didn’t have a clue what we were talking about, so it was a drama right from the start. However slowly, slowly we were able to find out the ‘what / where / who’ of obtaining the letter. The question of what to take with us for the camping isn’t a problem now, as we have been on enough camping trips to have removed the guess work. The most important aspect of the trip to be catered for was the fact that it is the middle of winter and it can and does get very bloody cold. This was a blessing in another way too as it was a preamble for our up-coming trip to Europe and gave us an introduction to cold weather. We’ve been here long enough now to have begun to forget what cold weather really is and we do not want to turn up in Europe unprepared. Besides, we have learned now that, coming from Australia, we don’t know what cold weather really is anyway. As is often the case here, our plans could have been derailed right up until 2 days before we were leaving. My work may have meant that I was unable to go, but that was finally put right and the last potential block was taken away. Mary and Donna did the final shop and we were ready to go. Eight o’clock on Friday morning and Nick and Mary were at our place. It had rained on and off for 4 days before leaving and was actually raining as we left ASASCO, but we put on our brave faces and drove into it. This was not camping weather, but neither was it time to be negative. Quite the opposite actually. now was the time to be positive. As we drove up the freeway in the driving rain, I pondered the difference between ‘positive’ and ‘sheer stupidity’. I never did actually come to a conclusion on that one because I was too busy driving the car through really awful conditions. The first place of significance was Buraidah, a small city 400km up the freeway. We didn’t see any of the countryside on the way there because it chucked it down the whole way. By lunch time, we were 100km past Buraidah on the road to Hail, a name that was starting to look rather appropriate. We found a broken down farm shelter to squat under while eating lunch, and considered ourselves lucky. That wasn’t going to be the last time we were to consider that. The wind was blowing, the rain was falling, it was freezing cold. what a way to start a camping trip. By stopping time, we were 60km short of Hail. It is always best to stop well away from townships as it can be more difficult finding an appropriate place to camp the night when near a town. As it happened, it only took us 10 minutes to find a good place to stay. The rooms had been used by mules and smelled as you would expect, but there was an acceptable veranda which was almost waterproof and which kept an area dry, big enough for us all to sleep as well as cook and eat our food. This was home for night number one. We were 600km from home, 60km from civilization in an area of rock and sand, it was raining, it was cold and there was thunder and lightening. Not quite what I had pictured when we were planning the trip.

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Coffee Studio Travel Mug

Coffee Studio Travel Mug

(Royal Doulton)

Price: $22.00

Inspired by the relaxed vibe of a coffee bar, Royal Doulton's Coffee Studio collection is ideal for every coffee lover. Ideal for both warm and cold coffee, this 12 oz. Travel Mug is the perfect companion for when you're out and about. Accented with an easy slide lid and a double-wall of ceramic to keep your drink the perfect temperature throughout your travels. A partially dipped grey glaze adds a stylish finishing touch to the contemporary design. This item is presented in a coffee bean style folded bag finished with a Royal Doulton bull dog clip, making the best gift for those on the go.

Personalized Football Word-Art Travel Mug

Personalized Football Word-Art Travel Mug


Price: $20.98

Let everyone know who the biggest football fan is each morning when you use this personalized football travel mug. Recommendations: "? Football Phrase Text Area: Place some phrases or words describing your favorite sport. Text in this area is limited to 20 character/spaces each. We recommend using 10 or fewer words for best presentation. Limit of 20 lines of words. "? Symbol Area: Place an accent symbol into your Word-Art T-Shirt. When you see the Word-Art compilation you like#44; select the Add To Cart button. This will automatically save your design into your cart. If you would like to see another rendition of your Word-Art compilation#44; simply select the View Your Personalization button again. This will automatically create another version for review. Once you are satisfied with your Custom Coffee Mug design#44; select the Add To Cart button.


Best Travel Coffee Mugs - Best Travel Tea Mugs
GH evaluated 28 travel mugs for temperature retention, leak- and spill-resistance, stability, comfort while drinking, ease of opening with one hand, ease of washing ...

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The 10 Best Coffee Travel Mugs
Here, I nominate the best coffee travel mug for you, which has top quality and various colors and sizes and you can select one according to your preference.

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with your stylish travel mug! This tall stainless steel Contigo travel ...

with your stylish travel mug! This tall stainless steel Contigo travel ...
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The Best Travel Mugs For Keurig Coffee Machines

The Best Travel Mugs For Keurig Coffee Machines
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RT @gearpatrol: Hot coffee season is coming. Be prepared with one of these excellent commuter mugs #coffee http://t.…


Hot coffee season is coming. Be prepared with one of these excellent commuter mugs #coffee


16 Oz Vacuum Insulated Travel Coffee Mug-best Lightweight Tumbler for Commuters, Designed to Keep Your Drink Hot L…

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The last cup of tea in the Noritake tea service.
The last cup of tea in the Noritake tea service.

The whole set had been used for years, with some of the platinum ring and pattern being eroded away in the dishwasher as we got lazier and further away from our wedding... The tea service was all used at a Tupperware party once, Mary recalls, but as I took a last sip from a dainty tea cup, I thought it could well have been the first time I had sipped from that particular cup. It takes two of them to fill one of the many mugs we now use instead! All out to a box in the garage waiting for a final destination..

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(176/365) April 18, 2010: How coffee should be served
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Coffee break in Valbonne

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