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Braised Oxtails & Rice- Crock Pot & Oven Methods |Cooking With Carolyn

Here's another Southern comfort food done as easy as I can possibly make it, Braised Oxtails served over rice. I wanted to give you 2 ways of doing it so you can.

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Roman-style oxtail with risotto bianco

4. Cover the dish and cook over low to moderate heat for 4 hours or until the oxtail is tender and the meat is falling off the bones. Remove the oxtail from the sauce and set aside until cool enough to handle then remove the meat from the bones. Remove

Eat A Cow challenge for KZN chefs

Titled “Eat A Cow”, a Slow Meat initiative, the aim is to highlight the growing demand for meat production that is good, clean and fair for all, and to highlight how to consume without losing biodiversity, traditional recipes and the way South Africans

Jerk chicken and other Jamaican specialties in Dorchester

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Vietnamese Pho: Rare Beef Noodle Soup

Source: The Rusty Skillet

Vietnamese Pho is a delicious soup of rice noodles and thinly sliced rare beef in a rich spiced beef bone broth. If beef bone broth is normally too full-on for you, this is a great version to try, as the spices really alter the flavour and smell for the better. If you are a meat eater but don’t eat red meat, try making the broth from chicken bones instead and replace the rare beef with cooked chicken or tofu. The bone broth is rich in gelatin, minerals and amino acids that are not all found in meat alone (glycine, proline, glutamine and alanine, as well as many others). These minerals and amino acids are key players in the body’s ability to make healthy collagen, cartilage and blood. They help with fat digestion and detoxification while helping to improve the health of the gut and immune system. To put it simply, every body system will benefit from a bit of bone broth in the diet. Traditionally pho is made using a beef bone broth, which uses a variety of beef bones and knuckles, that have been pre-roasted or blanched and then simmered gently for many hours. But because we eat this soup weekly, I prefer to make it in as few steps as possible without compromising on flavour. I often use a quicker chicken stock from a leftover roast chicken when time is limited, and it still tastes wonderful. In a total pinch, you can use store-bought real stock made from chicken or beef ( not the powdered stuff, but the liquid stuff in the carton) and continue on with adding the spices etc, but I would recommend trying out the slow simmered bone broth... It’s so worth it. Moore Wilson’s also carries ready-made proper beef and chicken bone broths in the fresh chilled section. Here are a few tips and shortcuts that I use:. Use a chicken or duck carcass leftover from a roast dinner instead of beef bones. You can also use raw chicken frames, feet and necks to make a lovely broth that is rich in flavour, gelatin and collagen. **If using a pre-made broth or stock, skip the first step in the recipe and continue on to step 2 and simmer for 1-3 hours, depending on how much time you have. Never boil a stock or broth as this will break down the collagen and gelatin and prevent the stock or broth from gelling. A good stock is clear when it is hot and jelly-like when cold. Boiling not only breaks down the collagen and gelatin, but also produces a cloudy stock or broth. *Use a slow cooker on the low setting if you prefer. Keep the lid slightly ajar if it can’t maintain a gently simmer on the low setting. We have limited bench space so I often use the next method below for slow-cooking a broth. *Use an enamelled cast iron pot/Dutch oven with a lid or a large 5+ litre ovenproof dish with a lid and use your oven set at 100-110 degrees Celsius to cook your broth if stove top space is an issue. I usually don’t skim the scum with this method as I am often quickly putting the pot into the oven before rushing out of the house for the day. Freeze the beef steak for 14+ days to kill any parasites and bacteria if you are concerned about eating rare beef that has been flash-cooked in the hot broth. Alternatively you can cook the sliced beef in the simmering stock for 10-20 seconds before serving. Use partially thawed steak and a sharp knife to make slicing easier. Heat the bowls prior to serving to keep the soup hot when serving. The cold meat and noodles can sometimes cool the broth down as they finish cooking in the bowl. Instead of boiling the rice noodles I soak them in warm water for 30-40 minutes while I prep the rest of the ingredients and finish off the broth. Strain the noodles and place directly into the hot bowls. The hot broth will finish cooking the noodles to the perfect consistency within a minute or so. No boiling necessary, and they don’t stick together. 1kg beef bones (meaty brisket, oxtail and knuckle bones are best – avoid marrow bones as they are really fatty with a strong flavour. Alternatively you can use a chicken carcass from a leftover roast or raw frames. 3-4 litres water (or enough to cover the bones well).

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Slow Cooker Crock Pot) Oxtail Barley Soup Recipe - Food.com
Directions. Saute celery and onions till tender. In slow cooker, add water, oxtail, potatoes, carrots, peppercorns, bay leaves, celery, onion, and salt.

Slow cooker Oxtail stew- Cookbook.co.za - Cook Book | Easy ...
Winter just shouts Oxtail stew and this Oxtail slow cooker recipe is fantastic, it takes the better part of a day to cook so put it on to cook on Saturday for your ...

Slow-cooker Oxtail Stew Recipe - Taste.com.au
Slow-cooker oxtail stew recipe - Season oxtail. Coat pieces in flour, shaking off excess. Heat oil in a large frypan over medium-high heat. Cook oxtail for 2 minutes ...

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Oxtail & vegetable soup with herb dumplings
08/03/15, via Stuff

Oxtail requires long, slow cooking, but the wonderful flavour is worth the effort. I usually make this soup a day ahead so I can remove any extra fat from the surface before reheating. It also freezes well. 1. Heat half the oil in a large heavy-based ...

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$35), all the recipes by Olivia Andrews can be made in a slow cooker. And for each one she also gives a version for cooking it on top of the stove or in the oven. There is oxtail and chorizo stew and a poutine, a Canadian invention she describe as the ulti ...

ARIA Restaurant’s Matt Moran says a pressure cooker can produce a quick and hearty ending for oxtail
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Traditionally, for me, winter cooking is often largely about slow-cooking, be it a soup simmering for hours on the stove or the beautiful flavour of slow-cooked quinces. I have a particular love for a rich and flavour-filled braise. I love the texture of ...

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