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Easy Crock Pot Boneless Beef Rump Roast

Easy Crock Pot Boneless Beef Rump Roast 10 hour slow cook rump roast. This is one of the more flavorful meat made in the slow cooker low and slow until it's.

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Slow braise tenderizes tough meats

It's great for cuts such as chuck, flank, brisket, rump and round. I'm using short ribs in this recipe, but the method can be used to wonderful effect on any other tough cut of meat. With English style, you get relatively uniform chunks of beef

Sauerbraten, red cabbage balance sour and sweet

“The meat is rich and flavorful, and this recipe can feed our family of three for days because you just need a few slices of it,” said communication consultant Wally Zimmermann of his version of the dish. Sauerbraten is beloved for its Start with

25 of Adelaide's best winter warmers

It's the recipe of Roberto Masia, who owns the restaurant with his wife Antonella. The restaurant is . Select from a veritable smorgasbord of carnivorous delights, including stone-grilled rump steaks, beef fillets and meat and seafood platters ($19

Slow Roasted Beef Melt

Source: Simple Comfort Food - Recipes that are simple and delicious.

I’m totally with that, and when it comes to making pork butt, or beef rump, I’m all in. There is something about those pieces of meat, where you cook them low and slow, only to get a result of pull about, for tender meat that can go in so many... With that said, I’m on the ‘purge the freezer and purge the leftovers’ bandwagon lately. I’m tired of all of the price hikes for food lately, and I cannot wait to get our gardens started, but we are not there yet, so we purge. My latest finding was a rump roast, and it was a great finding because I was craving some sort of Italian beef style sandwich. That’s when I decided to put this sucker in the slow cooker and come up with something the following day. That’s where the slow roasted beef melt came into play. First, look at that cheese. 3 lb beef rump roast 1 tbsp salt 1 tbsp cracked black pepper 1/2 head of garlic, lightly smashed (papers removed) 2 cups of beef stock 4 slices provolone cheese 1/2 cup black olives, finely chopped 1/2 serrano chili, thinly sliced (optional) 2... Pour the beef stock into the slow cooker. Add the beef rump and surround that with the smashed garlic cloves. Cover, and cook for 8-10 hours. Next, remove the beef from the slow cooker, and strain the stock, pouring it into a sauce pot. Bring that sauce to a low simmer on the stove. Next, thinly slice the beef. Add a generous sandwich amount to the broth, and continue to simmer as you prepare your sandwich. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Butter each side of the sliced bread, and place into the oven to get a light golden brown, and have it harden just a bit, about 7 minutes. Remove the bread from the oven, and cover each side with two slices of the provolone cheese. Top that with the serrano chilies and black olives. Return back to the oven for about 4 minutes until the cheese is nice and melted (my favorite part). Next, remove the cheesy bread from the oven, and with some tongs or forks, add the beef to the top of the bread. Top with the other piece of bread, and lightly press down on it. Ladle some of the beef stock into a small dipping bowl and dig in. The great thing about this beef melt is that you get this super tender, garlicky beef, and then that sharpness from... That in itself is a winning sandwich, but then you get that brininess from the olives and the heat from those chilies. Then you dunk into the beef stock, and that just takes it to a whole new level. So if you are looking to purge, and have some beef in the freezer, give this one a shot. It was a perfect way to use up my leftover olives and chilies from taco night as well. Truly, I do appreciate it. My free time and stress reliever is cooking for my family, friends, and everyone in between. The recipes you find on this site are those that I have either created, been part of, or those that I simply enjoy and have made my own in some shape, form, or other. My focus has always been on comfort food, because at the end of a long work day, you want something comforting. There is nothing fancy with these recipes, just simple, and I will admit, not so simple ingredients, and a simple kitchen corner I can call my own. I learned early on that cooking and bringing family together was very important. After all, this notion of being together at dinner time was instilled early on by my parents. There are many memories of being in the kitchen with my parents, watching them cook, or preparing meals, or those home cooked smells while waiting for dinner. My parents who worked full-time, always had home cooked meals during the week, with the exception of Friday nights where we would enjoy a Wisconsin fish fry , and often on late afternoons on Sunday, where we would order Ann's pizza. I tend to cook by making things up. As a home cook, I think you have to take chances, and add or subtract ingredients that make up a dish, and make them your own. Remember to taste, and taste often. If a dish has potential, try it again, and make it your own. You should also note that I do not count calories, or break down recipes into grams of anything.

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Beef Rump Roast - Slow Cooker Recipes
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This rump roast in mushroom soup and beef broth is tender ... Recipe by ELLICAY "This rump roast in mushroom soup and beef ... Place rump roast in a slow cooker.

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easy beef rump roast recipe jason lam aug 14 2011 homemade recipe

easy beef rump roast recipe jason lam aug 14 2011 homemade recipe
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Prep Time 15 min Total Time 10 hr 15 min Servings 8

Prep Time 15 min Total Time 10 hr 15 min Servings 8
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Slow Cooker Recipes
Slow Cooker Recipes
Published by Arthur H. Graham 2014
ISBN 9781502559517,150255951X
166 pages

Master the art of slow cooking with this easy-to-follow cookbook. The 500 Slow Cooker Recipes & Meals is loaded with 500 best-loved recipes, each updated to use more fresh ingredients in place of canned and prepackaged foods. Every recipe inside are simple, family friendly, and made with affordable ingredients. From appetizers to desserts and everything in between. A Collection of Traditional and New Recipes.

Slow Cooker Recipes Complete Boxed Set - Best Tasting Slow Cooker Recipes
Slow Cooker Recipes Complete Boxed Set - Best Tasting Slow Cooker Recipes
Published by Speedy Publishing LLC 2014
ISBN 9781633833012,1633833011
260 pages

In our modern fast paced world it is sometimes difficult to get good nutrition. Slow cooker recipes allows those on the go to prepare awesome meals that are ready when needed. By adding the necessary ingredients from the recipe into a slow cooker and setting the cooker to the appropriate cooking temp for the specified length of time, it creates a hearty meal that can be eaten and stored for later needed. Slow cooker recipes can save time and money.

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Slow braise tenderizes tough meats
07/28/15, via San Angelo Standard-Times

Braising is a wonderful and basic cooking technique that uses a slow ... brisket, rump and round. In fact, cooked properly, these cuts can be more delicious than more tender cuts. I’m using short ribs in this recipe, but the method can be used to ...

Easy Weeknight Meals recipes for those what-to-cook blues
07/25/15, via

Preheat oven to 160C, or you can use a slow cooker. Heat the olive oil in a large ovenproof pan, flameproof casserole dish or Dutch oven on medium heat. Cook onion, carrot, celery, rosemary and garlic for 3–5 minutes, until softened. Add beef ...

Sauerbraten, red cabbage balance sour and sweet
07/22/15, via Honolulu Star Advertiser

Start with one of the cheapest cuts of beef, a bottom or rump roast, or venison from a hunter friend ... The stove takes about two hours; the oven, four hours; or a slow cooker, six hours, to achieve a meat that is fork-tender with a complex depth of ...