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Silicone Cooking Utensils Kitchen Utensil set - 8 Natural Acacia Wooden Silicone Kitchen Utensils...

  • WHY ACACIA? This durable hardwood is...

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The Odd Job™ by Crescent® - www.oddjobtool.com

The Crescent Odd Job is the official tool of 1000 little things. Sized right for kitchen drawer, college dorm, condos and apartment, boats, and cars, you get 11.

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Return to Enterprise-First IT Benefits CIOs

While 3-D printing offers the potential for a “factory in every home,” the consumer market is likely to remain very small in the near future, whereas enterprises are already using these machines to make prototypes, tools, casts and molds, and are even

How to survive the dating apocalypse

A little tip for men: most women do not spend their spare time on the kitchen floor, snipping small holes in condoms before carefully re-inserting them into the packets, cackling. Women: feel As somebody who once maintained a healthy WhatsApp group

Lansner: Decluttered! How I survived a professional organizing my kitchen

Professional organizer Kirsten Ranger of Organized & Orderly navigates around the contents of a kitchen pantry while "decluttering" at the private residence of Register columnist Jonathan Lansner. JOSH BARBER, CONTRIBUTING a potential cure

Return to Enterprise-First IT Benefits CIOs - Wall Street Journal (blog)

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Ecosystems, or communities of diverse participants who create greater value through sophisticated models of collaboration and competition, are complex and often confusing, but leaders who understand how to work within these dynamic and adaptive... Enterprises seeking to mitigate the security risks associated with mobile devices have their work cut out for them, but they can start by implementing a BYOD policy that strikes the appropriate balance between employee productivity and corporate... Technologies including secure containers, encryption, and virtualization can also help keep corporate data safe on employee-owned devices. Despite seeming odd and raising potential privacy concerns, smart glasses are likely to gain mainstream acceptance, even as other wearable devices remain niche markets in 2014 and beyond. --> Deloitte Insights for CIOs couples broad business insights with deep technical knowledge to help executives drive business and technology strategy, support business transformation, and enhance growth and productivity. Through fact-based research, technology perspectives and analyses, case studies and more, Deloitte Insights for CIOs informs the essential conversations in global, technology-led organizations. Return to Enterprise-First IT Benefits CIOs Enterprises are finding potent near-term uses for wearable computers, 3-D printing, the Internet of Things, and drones, marking a notable shift from consumer-first adoption. Historically, personal computers, cellphones, and other new technologies were purchased first by enterprises and later by consumers. Many believe this trend, known as the consumerization of IT, will become the dominant procurement model going forward, with employees, rather than IT departments, continuing to take the lead in ushering most new technologies into large organizations. But Deloitte research indicates enterprises are once again leading the way in identifying and employing new technologies, and are more likely than consumers to recognize near-term value from technologies such as wearable computers , 3-D printing,... For example, “head-mounted wearable computers, which have gained little traction with consumers, are drawing overwhelming interest from our enterprise clients around the world in industries like medical, pharmaceutical, security, manufacturing,... While 3-D printing offers the potential for a “factory in every home,” the consumer market is likely to remain very small in the near future, whereas enterprises are already using these machines to make prototypes, tools, casts and molds, and are... Although some consumers are buzzing over the potential of connected kitchen devices and thermostats, the real IoT demand comes from the enterprise market, according to Stewart. Consumers are expected to purchase the majority of the 300,000 unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, projected to sell this year, but while “the big base is among consumers, the value creation is among enterprises,” says Paul Lee, head of global... These more expensive and rugged enterprise versions can better comply with new regulations and will be guided by trained pilots, enabling organizations to use them for crop surveying, the delivery of materials to remote locations, and photography... Meanwhile, many consumer drones will be used a few times, and then likely put on a shelf to gather dust, according to Stewart. “CIOs, perhaps grudgingly, went along with the consumerization of IT. But this new trend, which I call the re-enterprization of IT , is a tremendous advantage to CIOs,” Stewart says. “Devices that are designed and built from the ground up for the enterprise are going to be more rugged, have the right features, fit into existing business processes, and be more secure.

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Unique Kitchen Gadgets, Utensils, & Accessories on ...
Unique Kitchen Gadgets, Utensils, & Accessories. Here you'll find some of the kitchen tools and gadgets that I just couldn't live without and those that I would love ...

26 Weird & Odd Kitchen Gadgets to Beautify you Kitchen
Are you bored with seeing normal and same Kitchen gadgets daily, then take a look at 26 Weird & Odd Kitchen Gadgets to Beautify you Kitchen

Unique Kitchen Utensils, Cool Kitchen Gifts | UncommonGoods
Find cool kitchen gifts to spice up food preparation at UncommonGoods. Our unique kitchen utensils are both fashionable and ergonomically designed.

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26 Weird & Odd Kitchen Gadgets to Beautify your Kitchen

26 Weird & Odd Kitchen Gadgets to Beautify your Kitchen
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The Idea of Forever
The Idea of Forever
Published by iUniverse 2002
ISBN 9780595232147,0595232140
220 pages

Morgan Whittier belongs to a family of remarkable women. A grandmother who scaled mountain peaks. A mother who flew over the ground on horseback. And a captivating, brilliant sister, Phoenix, who studies time. Morgan has always been content with her own perceived mediocrity as a math teacher who clings to logic and security over adventure and passion. She has always been satisfied with the singularity in which she loves her sister, a love that has barred any other intimacy. Her contentment, however, is destroyed when Phoenix disappears. In the search for her sister, Morgan journeys from her home in New England to the landscapes of California's Great Central Valley and Sierra Nevada. In an old schoolhouse, where the lives of generations of Whittiers intersect, Morgan is drawn into her...

Witch Ball
Witch Ball
Published by Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc 2007
ISBN 9781419910319,1419910310

Witch BallKathleen CoddingtonTheir love was eternal. Until forbidden magic threatened to tear them apart forever.When Nathaniel Swann and his daughter move to the small town of Lady's Cove, Maine, the last thing he expects is the beautiful woman who appears in his kitchen after he accidentally breaks a witch ball, a housewarming gift from his neighbor. A hardheaded scientist, he refuses to believe the woman's fantastic tale of magical spells, eternal love and reincarnation.Released after being imprisoned for three hundred years in the witch ball, Miranda Hawthorne is reunited with the man she is destined to be with throughout time. Her joy is short-lived when she discovers that Nathaniel no longer remembers her or their love. How can she convince him to help her to break the witch...

Cooking recipes

America's Test Kitchen Hot Sour Soup
Ingredients:bamboo shoots, black vinegar, pork chops, chili oil, water, cornstarch, eggs, tofu, shiitake mushroom, chicken broth, green onion, soy sauce, dark sesame oil, white pepper

California Pizza Kitchen's Dakota Smashed Pea & Barley Soup
Ingredients:barley, carrot, celery, chicken broth, garlic, green onion, lemon juice, onions, parsley, salt, split peas, sugar, thyme, water, water, white pepper

BBQ Chicken Pizza - California Pizza Kitchen Style
Ingredients:barbecue sauce, barbecue sauce, chicken, cornmeal, cilantro, mozzarella cheese, olive oil, pizza dough, red onions, gouda cheese

Kickin Kitchen Sink Stir Fry Recipe
Ingredients:rice, water chestnuts, garlic, baby carrot, seasoning, parmesan cheese, red pepper, salt, mustard powder, garlic, stir fry sauce, worcestershire sauce, mushroom, grape tomatoes, onions, yellow squash, zest

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Top 20 Best Gifts for Women Who Have Everything
08/11/15, via heavy.com

These unusual items will surprise and delight even the most discerning ... Consider a speciality cookware item that she’s unlikely to own, like a crepe pan or a paella pan. These kitchen tools are pretty limited in terms of applications, but they ...

Lansner: Decluttered! How I survived a professional organizing my kitchen
08/10/15, via Orange County Register

They practice a below-the-radar real estate craft that seems both perfectly logical and somewhat odd. You can see a type of this ... In six hours – $510 worth of organizing – the kitchen's contents and tools had been thoroughly reshuffled.

Couture Hamptons Kitchens
08/10/15, via danspapers.com

“This kitchen will have everything in the correct place, from where the appliances are installed to how the inside of the drawers and cabinets are outfitted. There will be well planned divided drawers for cooking utensils ... have a unique set of ...

Emptied the Kitchen Junk Drawer
Emptied the Kitchen Junk Drawer

Most kitchens I've poked around in have a drawer filled with odd items: a mix of tools, implements, scraps of paper, doo-dads. Not necessarily for cooking, but for stitching the home together. String, scissors, checkbooks, rulers, tape measures. Extracting something from these drawers typically involves an intense sifting process. I felt inspired to empty our junk drawer today - here are 90% of the contents. I will pare these contents down to the appropriate items, and then perhaps purchase sub-receptacles for them, within the drawer. Perhaps. Perhaps just a lesser volume of stuff will suffice.

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my life's logos v.2
my life's logos v.2

More logos, this time approximately 275 give or take 10. I also put a Waldo from Where's Waldo? in this collage. I also accidentally put 2 Mack truck logos, find em both. lol Try finding him ;) Rated PG-13 lol Feel free to add sarcastic notes to logos you know lol.

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Another Excerpt: Vacation is a Trainwreck
Another Excerpt: Vacation is a Trainwreck

I'm not the most organized guy in the world. I kinda fly by the seat of my pants in most of the stuff I do. I grew up that way. And I'm still like that as an adult. I do everything at the last minute... and I generally try to pay all of my bills right before they become thirty days past due. If the people really want their money they'll call right? And they get so happy when I give it to them and I get to hear that in their voices on the phone. I get a lot of bills in the mail. There's like this 'secret code' or something... the really important ones are red in some way. I know how far I can push it. It's fun living dangerously sometimes... watching how low you can get the needle down on the gas tank before you gotta get gas. That's how I learned about something really smart people call 'parallax.' Paralax is 'the effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions.' Like if you look at the needle on the fuel...

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