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Retro Side Chairs with Black Cushion Chrome and Red (Set of 2)

  • Hardware finish: Chrome plated
  • Set includes: Two (2) dinning chairs

  • List price: $146.00
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Antique French 1940s blond mahogany round dining table

http://www. com/PreviewImage. com: Antique French 1940s blond mahogany round dining table with 3-column pedestal base.

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What farmer Borrette wrought

Someone enclosed the rear porch in the 1940s, turning it into a kitchen, and tacked on a dining room in back. Asbestos My beloved blue denim sofa ended up in the dining room, just a foot or two from the table where we would eat three meals a day.

Furniture fair reveals latest trends in modern design

Sun Valley Bronze showed the solid bronze Pendant Pulley light, THG offered the Beaubourg collection that pays homage to vintage hub-and-pipe system, and Watermark Designs expanded the Elan Vital industrial line for the kitchen. “We see an interest in 

The Mysterious Charms of Helen's Kitchen

Since opening nearly thirty years ago, Helen's Kitchen has been a place where the things that separate people seem to effortlessly disappear. Recently, talking about his visits to Her way is the old way, a style of cooking that dates to the early

In Theaters: SOUTHPAW (2015)

Source: Good Efficient Butchery

Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitaker, Rachel McAdams, Naomie Harris, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Oona Laurence, Miguel Gomez, Skylan Brooks, Victor Ortiz, Beau Knapp, Dominic Colon. SOUTHPAW is the first big-screen project scripted by Kurt Sutter, who made a name for himself as a writer and producer on THE SHIELD and went on to become the mastermind behind SONS OF ANARCHY. As any viewer of those classic TV shows is aware, Sutter is drawn to strutting, tough-talking bro-huggers whose macho bravado masks a torrent of pain and anguish, men who play by their own rules and go outside the law if necessary if that's what... Plus, if you were to remove a few Eminem songs, the constantly spitting blood, and the plethora of F-bombs, and SOUTHPAW is every bit as hokey and melodramatic as any late 1930s/early 1940s Warner Bros. SOUTHPAW is certainly watchable and has moments that are fine, but it hits every genre trope and cliche like it's bulldozing through a checklist, and yet it behaves as if it's somehow the first boxing movie with a down-and-out hero, once on top of... Jake Gyllenhaal is light heavyweight world champion Billy Hope (Sutter never was one for subtlety), currently holding a 43-0 professional record but being urged to slow down by his Noo Yawk-talking wife Maureen (Rachel McAdams). Billy and Maureen both "came up through the system," and met in a Hell's Kitchen orphanage when they were 12 years old. They've been blessed with fame and fortune and only want the best for their young daughter Leila (Oona Laurence). Maureen, or "Mo," wants Billy to call it a career, but with all of his homeboys on his payroll and his opportunistic manager Jordan Mains (50 Cent, cast radically against type as a piece of shit) always pushing him, Billy has to keep the money... All of that goes south when mouthy up-and-comer Miguel Escobar (Miguel Gomez) keeps publicly calling him out to grant him a shot at the title. During one such encounter at a gala benefit for the orphanage, Miguel threatens to "take your title and your bitch," and a brawl ensues that results in Mo being shot and killed. Almost overnight, Billy's lawyer informs he's in serious debt and owes back taxes. When a drunk, depressed Billy crashes his car into a tree on the front lawn, the house goes into foreclosure and Child Protective Services take Leila into custody. Almost all of his friends abandon him and Mains dumps him in favor of Escobar (cue Fiddy with the mandatory "Nothin' personal. Billy moves into a shithole apartment in the projects and when a grieving Leila refuses to see him during one of his supervised visits, he has nowhere to go but the ramshackle gym of Tick Wills (Forest Whitaker), an old-school trainer, blind in... Through Tick, will Billy learn back-to-the-basics boxing and earn the respect of the kids at the gym, thereby attaining respect for himself. Will he find the fire--the "eye of the tiger," if you will--that once propelled him into the upper echelons of the sport, win back the love of his embittered daughter and symbolically avenge his wife's death by regaining the belt that's has since... If you've ever seen a movie before, you'll know where SOUTHPAW is going long before it gets there. Sutter and director Antoine Fuqua (TRAINING DAY, THE EQUALIZER) leave no cliche untouched throughout SOUTHPAW. They also gloss over subplots that range from undeveloped (the home situation of a kid who hangs out at Tick's gym) to outright abandoned (Escobar's crack-addled wife and the investigation into who shot Maureen). The film seems to think that it can coast by solely on Gyllenhaal's startling physical transformation into the ripped Billy Hope. Gyllenhaal's lack of an Oscar nomination for NIGHTCRAWLER remains one of the more outrageous Academy snubs in recent.

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300 (obo) - 1940s Kitchen Table

300 (obo) - 1940s Kitchen Table
Image by listeddistrict.blogspot.com

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1940s Kitchen Table Kitchen From The 1940s
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Growing Up in 1940s War-Torn England
Growing Up in 1940s War-Torn England
Published by LifeRich Publishing 2013
ISBN 9781489700261,1489700269
88 pages

Not yet eighteen years of age, I was allowed to leave the office early before the nightly bombing began in earnest. Walking down the street on my way to the railway station, suddenly I found myself high up on a spiked metal fence outside an office building. An angry air-raid warden yelled at me, "What are you doing climbing up there when an air raid is in progress? Why aren't you in that shelter on the other side of the street under that eh, eh ..." Building, he was about to say, when he saw that it was no longer there, just a huge cavity where the large office building with the shelter in the basement had been. Many workers were killed there. Then he turned his attention back to me as I was clamoring to be helped down. "Why are you up there?" he exclaimed in irritation. Mad as hell, I...

Louise's Blunder: A 1940s spy thriller set in wartime Washington
Louise's Blunder: A 1940s spy thriller set in wartime Washington
Published by Severn House Publishers Ltd 2014
ISBN 9781780105581,1780105584
192 pages

1940s, Washington DC. Government girl Louise is blackmailed into investigating the suspicious death of a missing co-worker, with sinister consequences 1940s, Washington DC. Government Girl Louise Pearlie is asked to review the file usage of a missing analyst from the Office of Strategic Services – the US’s wartime intelligence agency – only to learn he’d drowned in the Tidal Basin days before. OSS confirm it was an accident, and Louise is sent back to her regular job in the file rooms. Her time spent investigating Paul Hughes at least has one positive outcome, though: Louise meets a young woman in the OSS Reading Room, who asks her to join her ‘salon’, where she is encouraged to talk about controversial issues like racial segregation and equal pay for women. Socializing with the women...

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Just refinished this 1940s enamel top kitchen work table. Love it! Chairs are from thrift store @salvationarmy #DIY http://t.co/GEPj9FKu1A

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Campbell's Kitchen Beef Stroganoff
Ingredients:beef, egg noodles, onions, paprika, sour cream, vegetable oil

Spinach Maria From Miss Olivias Table Recipe
Ingredients:bread crumbs, cheddar cheese, onion rings, mayonnaise, onions, monterey jack cheese, potato, almonds

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Abingdon's Shadow Players presents 'The Last Geese of Autumn'
07/29/15, via The Baltimore Sun

The set includes the kitchen table and military flag that belonged to the playwright's parents as well as ration books and first aid books from the 1940s. Rebecca Lewis, who plays Margaret Mary Devlin, wears some dresses her grandmother wore in the 1940s.

The Mysterious Charms of Helen's Kitchen
07/29/15, via Eater

Her way is the old way, a style of cooking that dates to the early 1940s, decades before the dishes made ... dry seasonings like salt and pepper should be applied in the kitchen, not at the table. "Better for you that way," she said.

Saltbox Farm harvests a cafe in West Concord
07/27/15, via concord.wickedlocal.com

"Farm-to-table" takes on an expanded meaning ... window-side views of West Concord and an open kitchen. As for Saltbox Farm, it was built by Elliott’s grandparents, Edward and Emily Thomas, in the 1940s. Located at 40 Westford Road in Concord, the ...

The Christmas Steps, Bristol 1940s
The Christmas Steps, Bristol 1940s

A commercial post card of Christmas Steps.There is no publisher or printer's name mentioned on the back of the post card. photograph was taken in the 1940s. @Maurice Poole Collection Christmas Steps is a historic street in the city centre of Bristol, England. The street is lined both sides by interesting little shops. The buildings are mostly from the 18th century. Until the 1930s if you looked down the steps you would have seen along Christmas Street to the spire of St John's Church. The building of Electricty House blocked the historic view. The street was originally called Queene Street in medieval times before becoming known as Knyfesmyth Street, after the tradesmen there. The Middle English pronunciation of Knyfesmyth, with the K sounded, may be the origin of the street's modern name. An alternative theory is based on the nativity scene found in a stained glass window of The Chapel of the Three Kings of Cologne, which stands at the top of the steps. In the 17th...

Photo by brizzle born and bred

milk jugs
milk jugs

these jugs were nan's and used on the table everyday for milk they would of been bought new in the 1940s

Photo by **tWo pInK pOSsuMs**

Vintage 1950s Kitchen Table For Sale
Vintage 1950s Kitchen Table For Sale

1940s-50s Metal topped kitchen table. Wood base/legs. $75

Photo by Angelaelle