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Juicing Wheatgrass in the Omega VRT 330 vs the Omega 8005 8006 Juice Off

discountjuicers. com shares with you juicing a full flat of wheatgrass in the Omega VRT330 and the Omega 8005 8006 series of juicers.

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GO! Smoothies proves eating better can taste better too | Atlanta Daily World

Cold-Press juicing allows little oxygen to be mixed with the juices allowing the extraction process to deliver a purer juice with up to five times more vitamins, natural sugars and essential nutrients than the former juicing method. “With the cold

Is juicing raw marijuana the next green drink? | Fox News

Since Marsh had already been growing and juicing wheat grass and making other types of green juices, it seemed like a no-brainer. “I had never heard of it before but it immediately resonated with me,” she said. She met Dr. William Courtney, a physician

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around town and juicers becoming ubiquitous kitchen-counter accessories. It's not unusual to see your co-worker downing a Kermit-green or Smurf-blue smoothie in the next cubicle, and a trip to the farmers' market isn't complete without a wheatgrass

GO! Smoothies proves eating better can taste better too | Atlanta Daily World - atlantadailyworld

Source: atlantadailyworld.com

Sometimes your mistakes can steer you toward the best decision you ever made. In the case of Callie Bradford and Monique Dooley, co-founders of GO. Smoothies, they decided to build a business designed to help others avoid the unhealthy mistakes that they themselves had made. A big part of the business was making those right decisions taste good. “We really think about the health of the individual when we put together our smoothie combinations. And we use organic and locally grown produce. We’re real conscious about that,” said Bradford. “We make a conscious effort not to use any high fructose corn syrup, so you won’t find our fruit dipped in syrup or anything like that. And we also only use sweeteners like agave, dates, and honey. In recognition of their one-year anniversary, GO. Smoothies is hosting an Open House on July 21 from 6-9 PM at Eastern Market’s Shed 5 in Detroit. All are invited to stop by and experience new juice creations and cold-press juice demonstrations while enjoying art, music, infused-cocktails, fitness demos and more. Also, as a means of marking their business milestone in a forward-thinking way, Bradford and Dooley have expanded their brand of juices, GO. Press, by making a $25,000 investment in a state-of-the-art hydraulic cold-pressed juicer that replaces... Cold-Press juicing allows little oxygen to be mixed with the juices allowing the extraction process to deliver a purer juice with up to five times more vitamins, natural sugars and essential nutrients than the former juicing method. “With the cold press, we went from producing about 720 bottles of juice per month to up to 500 per day,” said Bradford. Considering how well business seems to be going right now, it’s interesting to note that not that long ago neither of the business owners were even thinking about having their own permanent location. They have also hosted health coaching workshops for various sororities, the American Heart Association, the UAW, Home Depot, and the American Diabetes Association, just to name a few. We just started talking about the benefits of juicing, and we actually started having meetings at my house,” said Bradford. “We would get 20-25 people to come to a meeting, and they all wanted to know about the health benefits of juicing, what combinations should they put together, and then it was like, ‘Wow, people actually kinda like this juice, and they wanna buy... Bradford remembers that people started asking them what they were doing because their skin looked so great, and business grew from there. The pair eventually started an online business in the fall of 2013, and they also began setting up their business as a pop-up in various store locations. But what really gave each of them the idea for the business was some rather brutal health encounters of the disturbing – and eye-opening – kind. Bradford recounted her own personal experience battling fibroid tumors that caused her to realize she had to make a dramatic change or face the consequences. “I had two operations before I was 30 years old. The last operation that I had, I actually went to a specialist in California, and he removed about 75 fibroids from my uterus. And he took a video, so I had to look at the video. Just to have those foreign things in my body, and not feeling the greatest, I just felt like I don’t wanna do this again, and I have to do something differently. So I just started to read up on fibroids and what’s causing them, and it’s all related to diet. So meat, dairy, caffeine, sugar … it just caused a lot of tumors to grow in my uterus. That was 13 years ago, and Bradford is 43 now. She says she feels much better, “my iron is better than it’s ever been, not a fibroid in sight, I’ve got a son now. People thought ‘well, you know, you’re probably gonna have to get a hysterectomy, you may not be able to have kids because of the fibroids’, and I was able not to have a hysterectomy and still thrive and just feel well. Dooley struggled with her own health issues as well, but what also caught her attention as a schoolteacher for young children was how much of a difference good nutrition could make in how they acted. “For me, I teach also, so I used to really work with my kids, my second graders.

Weston Wheatgrass Juicer

Weston Wheatgrass Juicer

(Meat Processing Products)

Price: $38.26

Manufacturer #: 36-3701-W This is Weston's manual crank wheatgrass juicer. It efficiently extracts juice from wheatgrass. Unlike other juice extractors, wheatgrass juicers are intended to operate at very low RMP's so the wheatgrass enzymes won't oxidize. This makes a low RMP manual crank wheatgrass juicer a good and affordable option as it will operate at low RMP's. Features an ergonomic hand crank that effortlessly turns on every rotation and its clamp easily attaches to counter tops up to 1 ½ inches thickness (doesn't clamp well to rounded counter tops). It has an adjustable pulp control and disassembles for quick and easy clean up and maintenance. A great economical option that's sure to provide years and years of healthy benefits. Features Cast Iron construction Ergonomically designed crank handle Clamp on style. Adjustable pulp control Fully disassembles Specifications Clamp thickness: counters up to 1 1/2", can't be rounded edge. Color: Silver

Weston Stainless Steel Wheatgrass Juicer

Weston Stainless Steel Wheatgrass Juicer

(Meat Processing Products)

Price: $73.33

Manufacturer #: 36-3801-W Weston Stainless Steel Wheatgrass Juicer This Juicer boasts top of the line juice extraction capability for wheatgrass, soft fruits and soft vegetables. Makes fast, effortless and easy work of your juicing job's. Perfect for health conscious people who can save time and money by adding this durable juicer to your kitchen. Makes a great gift. Features Heavy-duty construction for a lifetime of use Ergonomically designed crank handle turns effortlessly Clamp on style easily attaches to any countertop up to 1 ½? Rubber mount pads protect the most delicate work surfaces Adjustable pulp control Fully disassembles for quick & easy clean-up One-year limited warranty


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This neat electric wheatgrass juicer is the only juicer I know of that is electric AND juices wheatgrass exclusively. It scores a cool 4.1 out of 5 stars at Amazon ...

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The Green Star Wheatgrass Juicer GS-1000

The Green Star Wheatgrass Juicer GS-1000
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Economy Stainless Steel Wheatgrass Juicer

Economy Stainless Steel Wheatgrass Juicer
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Published by Sproutman Publications 2015
ISBN 1878736981,9781878736987
242 pages

Here is everything you need to know about this wonder plant and its miracle cures. Get step by step, detailed information on how to grow wheatgrass and use it for maximum therapeutic benefit in a total health restoration program.Includes real life testimonies by real people who have used wheatgrass to heal themselves after the medical establishment had given up on them.

The Complete Guide to Growing and Using Wheatgrass
The Complete Guide to Growing and Using Wheatgrass
Published by Atlantic Publishing Company 2010
ISBN 9781601383396,1601383398
336 pages

Wheatgrass, that simple green plant you see growing above the counter in your favorite smoothie shop, is one of the most versatile, intrinsically useful vegetable matter available to you. It can be blended into almost anything, grows in any temperate or warm climate, and is chock full of so many vitamins and fiber that it can take the place of up to two or three servings of vegetables every day if used properly. This book guides you through the process of not only growing but successfully cultivating wheatgrass for your own personal use in nearly any endeavor, from selling at local farmers markets to mixing it with your homemade smoothies. You will learn what wheatgrass does for your body and how it provides the necessary energy you need to lose weight and fight illness by boosting your...

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Looking4 a GREAT #juicer? Here is ur #online #destination: http://t.co/QITSeCEqMw #raw #foods Grow ur own vegetab… http://t.co/HvfK9zZ157


Looking4 a GREAT #juicer? Here is ur #online #destination: http://t.co/QITSeCEqMw #raw #foods Grow ur own vegetab… http://t.co/1w4YfMrgmP

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Diana's Awesome Oatmeal Muffins
Ingredients:applesauce, baking powder, baking soda, coffee, flour, rolled oat, salt

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How to Grow and Juice Wheat Grass
07/15/15, via Speaking Tree

The first part of growing wheat grass involves initiating germination by soaking the seed. To begin, determine the size of your growing tray and how much seed is to be grown. A growing tray of 1‘ x 1’ will require 1 – 1.5 cups of wheat seed.

GO! Smoothies proves eating better can taste better too
07/15/15, via Michigan Chronicle

Cold-Press juicing allows little oxygen to be mixed with the juices ... And then two weeks later they’re coming in every single day for their wheatgrass shot saying I feel so energized and I’m feeling better. Not eating McDonald’s in the morning ...

Making Happy Family Shine: 5 Questions with CEO Shazi Visram
07/14/15, via brandchannel

The launch of Shine Organics comprises a more refined approach to the adult palate that includes bold and un-kid-like flavor combinations with ingredients such as wheatgrass and turmeric ... “A lot of folks who do juicing, cleansing and fasting or ...

Wheatgrass books
Wheatgrass books

I tried wheatgrass juice while I was in CA and it tasted very interesting... I could imagine it having significant health benefits, although I only had it once or twice and can't vouch for it. Unfortunately it requires a large initial investment (to buy the special wheatgrass juicer and such), so I'm not sure when if ever I'll be able to seriously experiment with it. All of the books had interesting information on how to run a compositing bin out of an ordinary garbage can (outside). One of them had an extremely thorough treatment, although I can't remember which one... it must have been either the middle book or the book on the right.

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120 of 366
120 of 366

Dug the juicer back out and made a Dr Juice with pammy enhancements : apple, carrot, beetroot, celery, lemon and ginger with the addition of radish and wheatgrass powder - scrummy-licious

Photo by Pam loves pie