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TSM Digital Smokehouse 50 Lb. Stainless Steel Inside Stainless Steel Outside

Manufacturer #: 41834 This item is shipped by truck ONLY. If our 20 Lb. Capacity smoker simply isn't large enough to satisfy your smoking needs, the digital 50 Lb. Capacity Insulated Smoker is our larger, industrial strength model. We make this model out of high quality Stainless Steel to give this smoker both durability and a professional look that won't rust. We include 6 Stainless Steel "V" sticks as well as 3 3/4" chrome plated shelves to get you ready to start smoking right away! Smoker capable of holding 5 shelves. As is the case with all of our products, the 50 Lb. Smokehouse features an easy to operate temperature control and also comes equipped with an easy to read thermometer for your convenience. We pride ourselves on the fact that our products are user friendly. The possibilities with this model are endless! Features: Stainless Steel construction - 22ga 2,100 Watt, 220 Volt Heating Element 12" Stainless Steel Sawdust Pan Stainless Steel Drip Guard Heavy Duty 6lb. Insulation Board to keep the temperature accurate Inside Dimensions: 21" W x 19" D x 37 1/2" H Outside Dimensions: 29 3/4" W x 22 3/4" D x 54 1/4" H (with legs and chimney) Made in the USA by The Sausage Maker Excerpts from the Owner?s Manual Operating Instructions Sausage Maker brand smokehouses are about as simple to operate as your kitchen stove. The proper and efficient operation of this smokehouse rests with you. This appliance is equipped with one control or thermostat and a thermometer located on the upper left hand outside panel. The thermostat control has a range from 50° F to 250° F. The ideal temperature when smoking sausage is 165° F. This can be monitored by checking the thermometer. THE SMOKEHOUSE TEMPERATURE SHOULD NEVER EXCEED 170° F AT ANY TIME WHEN SMOKING MEATS. The 50 lb. capacity smokehouse is designed to hold 50 lbs. of meat (sausage, bacon, hams, hindquarters). If overloaded, the time from start to finish will greatly increase. ONLY OPERATE THIS...

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