Electrical Induction Stove

BergHOFF 2216760 Tronic Power Induction Stove

Features Saves Energy 3 ways - 1) Heats up your pots/pans super fast, resulting in less cooking time 2) It uses less electricity than an electrical element, and is more energy efficient, 3) The pan itself is the element or source of heat, resulting in less temperature or energy loss The induction unit works by magnetic heat transfer between the unit and the induction ready cookware It will only heat the diameter of the base of the cooking pot, as the remaining surface stays cool to the touch, saving you money since you are wasting very little energy It's dual functions allow for both cooking and warming Unit has non-skid feet and shatter-resistant tempered glass The unit will not generate heat and will shut off automatically if it does not detect induction ready cookware on the surface Adjustable temperature control, heats up instantly, keeps food warmed, Overheating protection, portable design for easy storage, and LCD screen 1600 Watts, Requires regular household 110V UL approved Dimension - 15.5 x 12 x 3 in.

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