Easy Oven Baked Salmon

Furesh Dry Dog Food 11 lbs (Starter & Puppy)

Alpha Dog Series "Furesh Dry Dog Food w/ Premium Duck & Salmon" - is a premium dog food line specifically engineered to be a wholesome, healthy, and well balanced meal for your pets! Our food line is broken down into 3 different categories of food that cater to dogs of all ages and breeds: (1) Starter & Puppy, (2) All Stage, (3) Skin & Coat. Our recipe is made with probiotics and premium quality Duck & Salmon that are not only delicious but are highly nutritious for your fur babies. Our nutritious meals are formulated with probiotics which include: -Ginseng,(that promotes antimicrobial and immune functions); -Fiber-rich ScFOS (which aids digestion and bowel movements); -Natural Sulfur Substance MSM (which strengthens bones); and essential Amino Acids, (Omega 3's,6's), vitamins and minerals to make up the complete balanced nutrition for your pets. Our nutritious meals are also unique in that we do not fry our foods in any excess fats, oils, or "by-products" , which most dog food brands found in stores do today. Instead we take the healthier, more natural approach and oven bake all the natural ingredients together with no additives, harmful, or unhealthy ingredients. Our dog food experts have also engineered the bite size of each morsel to be conveniently made smaller for easy consumption and digestion for your pets while still punching in all of that great nutrition. These meals can be enjoyed by dogs of all ages and breeds and are also great for situational purposes such as new puppies, post-surgical and recuperating dogs, mother dogs and senior dogs.

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