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Smoking Brisket on a Weber Gas Grill

Smoking beef brisket with pecan wood chunks on a Weber gas grill. There is no better way to do it at home.

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Cold Spring clerk passionate about wood-pellet grilling

“I'm just the average person out there who struggles with gas grills when it comes to flare-ups and stuff like that,” Hennen said. “There are some people who are just naturally good no matter what Beef brisket on a wood-pellet grill. Here is a

Review: Omaha restaurant gets its barbecue just right

At the Fat Shack — a food truck that's been turned into a brick-and-mortar restaurant at 30th and Weber Streets — 75 percent of the business is takeout, with others making use of the restaurant's tables: seven inside and two outside. The second sign

Campfire sandwiches are fast food for the outdoorsman

by how hot the fire is). If using a gas grill, simply place the sandwiches on the grill. meats of your choosing. Combinations will add layers of flavor: salami, mortadella, and a smokey ham; or a good quality sliced turkey, smoked brisket, and

Austin Texas, Y'all

Source: Cook, Create, Do & Love

These are things that are important to me. Cook-This highlights one of my favorite things: Food. Whether I'm buying, making, growing or eating it. Create-I love doing different arts & crafts projects. You can see what I may (or may not) be working on. Do-I love living in the metro Atlanta area. There's ton to do & see. Love-Making memories as a new mom with my daughter, family & friends. We flew out around 10 am on Wednesday, June 10. My goal was to find the Mississippi River from the plane but I did not succeed. Not sure how we missed it. Our plane didn't have the TV screen on the back of the seat with GPS in it so I just kept looking out the window every ten minutes or so. I thought I'd found it and the mouth of it but turns out we were over Houston so... washed up and drove down the road to the JAMCO/JEMS fabrication shop in Bastrop. I remembered seeing them after we left the airport. They just grow wild around there I guess. When we got out of the car I noticed something-basically the sound of silence. We are so used to hearing traffic, TV, music, people talking etc that it was quite surprising to just hear nothing. I know it's crazy for him to want to show me a gas station, but this place was fantastic and super clean. They had separate walls of candy, popcorn, beef jerky and pretzels. They had a deli where you could get fresh cut sandwich meats, fresh beef jerky, an area just for Buck-Ee's memorabilia. I met an older couple talking over the deli cooler and they found out we were visiting Bastrop and the Austin area. Her name was Carol and she recommended we visit the Bastrop museum. She actually said, "Tell 'em Carol sent ya. " Which made me think of Pee Wee's Big Adventure when the trucker lady says, "Tell 'em Large Marge sent ya. " So I had a nice little giggle over that. Donald did not share in my giggle. The museum had the Cynthia Ann and Quanah Parker exhibit. Cynthia was taken from the frontier by Comanches and later mothered Quanah. He lived in both the Comanche & American world and became quite the successful businessman. This picture below is of Cynthia breastfeeding her daughter, Prairie Flower who only lived to be a few years old. It's very risque for its time-1860, but very beautiful. We still weren't hungry, but we decided to have a seat outside on the patio at Neighbor's Bar & Yard which overlooked the Colorado. This place cooks pizza and even though we supposedly weren't hungry, we couldn't resist ordering something. Upon walking around Bastop, we discovered we were both instantly congested with watery eyes and couldn't quit sneezing. Sitting in the sun we noticed little dandelion thingies floating around. Turns out those thingies were the blooms from a Cottonwood tree. Just like in the Luke Bryan Crash My Party song "Cottonwood falling like snow in July. " Donald said he remembered being allergic to them when he got tested. As soon as we got back to hotel we were fine. This beauty below is a Cottonwood tree. We drove into Austin and checked into our hotel downtown at 8th and Brazos-The Omni. One half is the hotel and the other half is an office building. This picture shows the office part. The entire lobby is open like this. I loved this hotel. Everyone was very nice, always opening the door or offering to call a cab. It was in a very convenient location and clean. They sometimes come out all at once by the thousands and millions and it's like a big black cloud, but unfortunately this was not the case for us. They have boats tours you can go on to see them and they even rent these kayaks with bicycles... As soon as I got off the elevator I asked concierge for a map and a recommendation on breakfast. The lady said Annie's Cafe and I took off walking. I chose their English Breakfast-scrambled eggs, roasted new potatoes, bacon, artisan bread and jam, grilled tomato and OJ. It was so satisfying and delicious and I ate every. I had breakfast outside on the sidewalk and just watched the world go by. After breakfast, I just started walking. I attempted to walk down by the river but it was so overgrown to where I couldn't really see the water. Plus the smell of bat and bird poop was overwhelming so I headed back up to the sidewalk. I made the trek down to Whole Foods headquarters and was in awe of it. I would love to work there and was told it was worth it to visit. I walked in right at 12:30 and it was slammed for lunch.

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Beef Brisket Gas Grill Recipe by grawson | Epicurious.com
Find the recipe for BEEF BRISKET - GAS GRILL and other beef recipes at Epicurious.com

How to Make Texas-Style Smoked Brisket in a Gas Grill ...
Making a real Texas-style smoked brisket will take all day, but it's eminently doable (even in a gas grill), and you can demand everyone call you "pitmaster"

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Grilled Beef Brisket
Ingredients:beer, tomato juice, onions, garlic, worcestershire sauce, ketchup, brown sugar, lemon juice, paprika, mustard powder, hot sauce, salt, chips, beef

Jewish Grandma's Best Beef Brisket
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Cold Spring clerk passionate about wood-pellet grilling
07/19/15, via SC Times

“I’m just the average person out there who struggles with gas grills ... with beef rub. * Place fat side down in your grill set at 225 DEG until the meat is between 190 DEG and 205 DEG. (203 DEG is ideal but don’t let any part of the brisket go ...

The Seattle Field Guide to BBQ
07/15/15, via Seattle Weekly

A converted former gas station, Peco’s may be Seattle’s messiest barbecue ... Wallingford Meat Pulled pork, brisket, pork and beef ribs, chicken, tri-tip. Spice Mild. Sauce Sauce is left on the table; six are available, from sweet to acidic, mild ...

Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill opens in Mount Prospect
07/12/15, via Examiner

Nachos sound rather ho-hum, a staple at every bar and gas station in the country ... The stars of the menu are the hand-rubbed, slow smoked barbecue dishes: St. Louis ribs; beef brisket prepared as the Texans do it; and pulled pork and chicken.

brisket cooked
brisket cooked

it's definitely not as smoky as it can be (i think i just need to give up trying to smoke meat on a portable gas grill...), but still pretty tasty!

Photo by willsfca

The setup
The setup

This is how you cook 42 lbs. Of beef brisket. Two roasts in each of your Webers, the last in the (gasp) gas grill. We'll see if anyone can tell the difference. Got here at 6am, got the grills going, and had the meat on by 7am. Not bad, considering I was out most of the night with a crowd of folks (but that's another story).

Photo by BlackBirdCD