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Blackstone 36 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station - 4-burner - Propane Fueled -...

  • RESTAURANT STYLE COOKING-With 720sq inches of...
  • DURABILITY AND LONGEVITY-This Blackstone Grill...

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Weber Genesis S 330 Gas Grill - Product Review Video

For more details or to shop this Weber Genesis S 330 Gas Grill, visit Hayneedle at http://www. com/product/webergenesiss330gasgrill.

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Source: Dad of Divas

Knowing and learning about fire and safety is something that is important year-round and as someone that has been impacted directly by a fire in my own home I consistently like to share with you my own experiences as well as hints and tips to help... As the summer is coming to a close, there is still a ton of time left though to get some great grilling done. With many of us doing more of our cooking outdoors on a grill (I do this quite a bit), you have to be even more diligent with your safety precautions. The great thing is that Kidde and their partners have pulled together some very exciting resources that the whole family will value greatly. Kidde: Summer Travel Safety USFA: Summer Fire Safety Let’s talk about a few of the key summer safety dangers:. I love to grill, and throughout the summer you will find me trying my hand at different kinds of meats. The challenge with grilling is that you do have to be careful about where you place it, as there is still a danger with a grill for a fire to occur, especially if you place it too close to flammable objects. You also have to be wary of not having this close to other items like vinyl siding too, as the heat expelled from the grill can actually melt the siding itself. Finally, never use a grill indoors. This may seem common sense, but because of the gas that is being expelled, there is the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning that can occur, not to mention the open flame. Below are some other hints that can help make your grilling experience a positive one. NFPA: Grilling Safety Kidde: Grilling Safety. My family and I love to have at least one campfire over the summer months. Cuddling up and roasting a marshmallow or building a S’MORE or two is just a great time for all of us. When doing this though, we have to be safe and teach our kids about campfire safety, too. Make sure to build camp fires at least 15 feet away from tents, shrubs or any other materials that could burn easily. Make sure to keep all flammable material away from campfires Know that young children may not have any sense for the power of fire, teach them safety and never leave them unattended. Always make sure to smother your campfire and leave no embers burning when you leave. Here are a few other great tips to keep you safe when by a camping or by a campfire – Kidde: Camping and Fire Safety. Fire Escape Plan. I have written in the past abut the house fire that I had in my own home. Luckily the fire was not extensive enough that we lost our home or that we all had to evacuate the house. However, after this fire occurred it became very evident that we were lacking in regards to a home fire escape plan. One of the things that our family does now is practice our plan every few months so that if we ever do have an event with fire or carbon monoxide,” it will not be something that was forgotten. Include creating and practicing a fire escape plan with your family into your summer plans. Know two ways out of every room Know who will assist children and those with mobility / health issues Have escape ladders in upstairs rooms. Use this Fire Escape Plan Worksheet to map out your route with your family. Do you know the potential sources of carbon monoxide (CO) are in your home. While most CO poisonings occur in the winter months, summer storms bring power outages and the use of generators. While I have never had to deal with a CO poisoning in my own home, it has always been a fear for me, and I have tried to remain vigilant on trying to keep my house up to date when it comes to CO hazards and knowing what these are to keep myself... Kidde even now allows you to monitor for CO as well as fire in your home with the new Kidde RemoteLync Monitor. I installed this product recently when I upgraded all of my smoke and CO alarms in my home (although you do not need new alarms to use the RemoteLync.

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(This will be long and boring.) If you're like me, you've seen a lot of government-sponsored advertising telling you to prepare an emergency kit. Also, if you're like me, you have avoided this task forever because it's always 4th on the list of Things To Do. Also, if you're like me, when you finally got around to doing this, you figured it would be easy: Go find an "Emergency Kit", click Buy, done. There are several problems with this approach. The kits that are commonly available are filled with cheap crap that isn't well-reviewed. They are usually incomplete -- they don't have food or they have a bare-bones first aid kit or they have no flashlight or whatever. So you can't buy them and figure you're Done. So then you go and search online for how to create your own emergency kit. And good lord the crazies come out of the woodwork. It was then that I realized why this task is so hard: There are dozens of potential goals. It took until I found the site where they were...

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