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In this video, Chef Tony demonstrates the Fire Magic Choice series gas grill. Link to Fire Magic Grills below in the Show More section or Info Button in the video.

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Restaurants Feed New Orleans' Recovery: 'I Knew I Had To Come Back'

But the real magic happens early in the morning, when Leah Chase, 92, arrives to prepare the day's specials. "I made meatloaf today. Smothered pork chops. I did oyster He wore a gas mask to clean out the walk-in cooler, and tried to reach staff

High-End, Built-in Barbecues Get Hot

Kalamazoo's Hybrid Fire Grill allows home chefs to cook with gas, charcoal and even wood interchangeably. The Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Grill allows home chefs to monitor their food (and avoid losing critical heat) thanks to a window in the hood.

On The Road with Tom Sadowski - Part 4: Mardi Gras, the Final Frontier

If parties were fire, this whole town would be burning, We were up All the restaurants within walking distance were too full and locals knew it because everyone who set up camp along the parade route had their grill going and something cooking. It

The films of Robert Rodriguez

Source: The Latest from Cactus Tactical

The films of Robert Rodriguez . Today we will look at the Latin infused action adventure films of Robert Rodriguez. Known for colorful and clever cinematography, all star casts and rambunctious lead characters his films are unique and entertaining. Desperado is the 1995 sequel to the 1992 action film El Mariachi. The film was also directed by Robert Rodriguez and stars Antonio Banderas as the gun for hire known as the "Mariachi", who keeps his firepower hidden in his guitar case. Rodriguez and Banderas would complete the Mariachi trilogy with 2003's Once Upon a Time in Mexico. As this film opens we are introduced to Steve Buscemi, who's character is listed simply as Buscemi, as he relays a very interesting story about a man in black looking for a man named Bucho. This story openly frightens the men as well as the bartender and his side kick Tavo, attempt to get a description of the man's face. Buscemi claims to not know and remarks that he believes the man is headed that way. El Mariachi, the man from the story wakes up from a dream about Domino, his love interest in the first film. He hears a knock at the door and lets in the man from the previous scene. It is revealed that Buscemi is helping El find out where Bucho is. He tells El that he can find out where Bucho is at the bar he just visited. Buscemi asks El what he will do when he has his revenge. El simply states that it will be over. El cleans himself up to appear as a mariachi and walks to town. He meets a young boy who carries a guitar and teaches him to loosen his fingers when playing but due to his wounded left hand he is prevented from using his fingers on that hand. Meanwhile, Bucho is starting to be concerned about "the man in black" and that he is coming for him. Bucho orders his men to keep an eye out for any strangers and purchases a bulletproof limo. El heads to the town's bar. The patrons are suspicious of him due to the Buscemi's story even though he appears nothing like he was described except for the black clothing and the infamous guitar case. They hold him at gunpoint as they open his guitar to search for weapons that they were told were in the guitar case, but only see a guitar. They are ready to kill him but he ejects two hidden Ruger P90. 45 ACP semi-automatic pistols from his sleeves and engages in a bloody gunfight with the men. Meanwhile, in a hidden room, several other men see the gunfight on a video monitor. El proceeds to kill all the men except the bartender and tries to question him, wanting the bartender to take him to Bucho. The bartender is accidentally shot in forehead by a man from the hidden room. They attempt to shoot each other but run out of bullets and try to use the fallen men's guns but find that they are all empty. Finally the man finds one and tries to shoot El with it, but El snaps his neck before that can happen. There are plenty of gunfight scenes in this film but this one sets the tone for the rest of the film. El Mariachi then leaves the bar, frustrated and distracted since he couldn't find Bucho. El is unaware that he is being followed by the bartender's friend and associate of Bucho, Tavo, who is carrying two semi-automatic pistols. 44 caliber Desert Eagle and a Ruger P90. As he walks, he notices a beautiful woman walking towards him. Her shocked expression at the man behind him warns El and he shoves her out of the way in time as he is shot in the arm, but still manages to kill Tavo. Later, El awakens in a bookstore to see the woman stitching up his arm. After he falls asleep and Carolina returns from some errands and curious about his guitar case, she opens it to see the guitar, but it then opens to show his guns. At this point El grabs her but by now she already knows who he is. At this point El has to meet with Buscemi who tells him to get out while he still can, because that is what he is doing. El then follows and begins to argue with Buscemi, once again completely unaware he's being followed by another man in black , "Navajas" , who has been stalking El throughout the film. Buscemi approves of this, but is then killed by Navajas' throwing knives. El is also hit, but only wounded and takes cover in an alley.

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Fire Magic Aurora A430s In-Ground Post Freestanding Gas Grill

Fire Magic Aurora A430s In-Ground Post Freestanding Gas Grill
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Home » Fire Magic Aurora A660i Gas Grill

Home » Fire Magic Aurora A660i Gas Grill
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Home » Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E790i Gas Grill
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Log Home Living
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Log Home Living is the oldest, largest and most widely distributed and read publication reaching log home enthusiasts. For 21 years Log Home Living has presented the log home lifestyle through striking editorial, photographic features and informative resources. For more than two decades Log Home Living has offered so much more than a magazine through additional resources–shows, seminars, mail-order bookstore, Web site, and membership organization. That's why the most serious log home buyers choose Log Home Living.

The BBQ Queens' Big Book of Barbecue
The BBQ Queens' Big Book of Barbecue
Published by 2010
ISBN 9781459605251,145960525X
816 pages

The BBQ Queens have created more than 350 delectable, doable recipes for grilled, smoked, barbecued, planked, stir - grilled, and rotisserie - cooked food in The BBQ Queens' Big Book of Barbecue. Adler and Fertig cover every step of a meal; shopping lists and tips for easy ingredient preparation, how to keep the mess and the cooking time to a minimum when possible so that weeknight dinners are a breeze, and how to grill extra food in order to have great leftovers for meals throughout the week. They lay the groundwork for expert grilling and smoking with clear explanations of basic techniques, then they encourage backyard cooks to branch out and experiment with new versions or flavors. Special sections and photographs throughout highlight the adventures of and recipes from Grill Gals and...

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Fire Magic Aurora A660s All Infrared Natural Gas Grill With Single Side Burner, Rotisserie And Magic View Wind...


Fire Magic Aurora A660s All Infrared Natural Gas Grill With Single Side Burner, Rotisserie And Magic View Wind...


Fire Magic Aurora A660s All Infrared Natural Gas Grill With Single Side Burner, Rotisserie And Magic View Wind...

Cooking recipes

Pizza On The Grill II
Ingredients:green pepper, mozzarella cheese, pizza crust, tomato sauce

Pork Ribs On The Grill Recipe
Ingredients:beer, chili sauce, ribs, water

Over the Fire Scalloped Potatoes
Ingredients:bacon, potato, black pepper, butter, cheddar cheese, garlic salt, green onion, mushroom

Fire and Ice Oysters with Horseradish Sauce
Ingredients:chives, black pepper, lemon juice, kosher salt, oysters, horseradish, sour cream, hot sauce, worcestershire sauce

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Propane prices plunge across Canada as BBQ season begins
06/25/15, via CBC

Experts suggest it's OK to let the grill warm up a little more than usual this year, without breaking the bank. "Propane is very weak," said Gerry Goobie, an engineer with Gas Processing Management, a consulting firm in Calgary that works with the gas ...

Gas grill sparks Volusia County house fire
06/08/15, via click orlando

A gas grill ignited a house in Ormond Beach on Sunday evening, causing nearly $75,000 in damage, according to fire officials. Ormond Beach Fire Department officials say the fire was reported at a home on Muddy Creek Lane just before 7 p.m. Sunday.

So Much at Steak: 8 Tips for Buying the Right Gas Grill
05/19/15, via

Subscribe to our personalized emails for even more of the deals you're interested in. Before you get burned, seared, or otherwise broiled on your gas grill search, here's a handy buying guide to landing the grill of your dreams: this checklist will help ...