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Food Storage and other Preparedness ideas

This is just a quick video about my ongoing adventure with my family being prepared in the home in case of an emergency. I do go over a couple of times that.

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Living Smart: Ideas to organize your pantry cabinet

Kelly cautions against using a garage or mudroom for extra food storage, since that can attract mice. "I like the idea of shelves or cabinets in the basement area," she says. Kelly recommends basement storage for items that aren't used every day, such

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Living Smart: Ideas to organize your pantry cabinet - Sioux City Journal


The key to a decluttered kitchen starts with pantry organization -- but tackling shelf upon shelf of cans, boxes and bags of food can be daunting. Professional organizer Erin Kelly says her company, Chicago-based Arranged by Erin, frequently gets calls from homeowners looking for help with their out-of-control pantry cabinets. While a home organizer can organize your pantry for you, you can also do it yourself with a few pointers. When it comes to organizing the pantry, grouping similar items together is critical. "The important thing is to zone your pantry," Kelly says. Make one section for pasta, one for canned fruits, one for vegetables, one for spices and so on, Kelly advises. Grouping items by category will help you cut down your cooking time by eliminating the need to hunt through the pantry for a certain item. "The best thing is to pull everything out, wipe (the pantry) down and put it all back by category," Kelly says. If you have a child or relative with allergies or special dietary needs, keep their items on a separate shelf or in a certain "zone. " Kelly also recommends labeling items to help a nanny or babysitter know which items are OK for each child to have. Save money with storage. Creative storage options won't just keep your pantry cabinet neat -- they can also save you money. People wind up buying duplicates of items because they can't see what they've got hiding in the depths of the pantry, Kelly says. "It's tempting to stock up, but I don't need three ketchups in my pantry," Kelly says. Deep pantry shelves can add to the problem, making it difficult to see what's in stock. Retailers like The Container Store and Target sell clear storage containers that are perfect for storing items like spices, packets and pastas, Kelly says. Plastic stair-stepper organizers are good for storing items like canned goods, making it easy to see what's there, she adds. Being able to see what you have will help you re-evaluate the way you shop, saving you time, pantry space and money, Kelly says. Once you can see what you have, you can make a running list of what's in stock and what needs to be added to your weekly shopping list. If your pantry cabinet is just not fulfilling your space needs, it may be time to find a place for your kitchen overflow. Kelly cautions against using a garage or mudroom for extra food storage, since that can attract mice. "I like the idea of shelves or cabinets in the basement area," she says. Kelly recommends basement storage for items that aren't used every day, such as pots, pans and extra canned goods.

Embroidered Daisy Kitchen Apron

Embroidered Daisy Kitchen Apron


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Outfit Mom#44; Grandma#44; Aunt or any favorite cook with attractive Embroidered Daisy Personalized Aprons. She is sure to look fabulous at her next dinner party as she celebrates great food with friends and family. This Personalized Chef Apron is perfect all year round and makes a great birthday gift idea. This custom bib apron measures 20? Wide x 30? Tall and features multiple pockets for convenient storage along with an adjustable neck strap for a comfortable fit. Includes FREE Embroidery Personalize your Flower Apron with any name or title on your choice of apron color in yellow thread.

Woodworker's Journal - November/December 2018

Woodworker's Journal - November/December 2018


Price: $7.99

You'll find great gift ideas showcased in the projects found in the November/December issue. Whether your gift recipient is a cook who would love one or more of our Three Kitchen Gifts, a gamer who could play either side of our Reversible Gameboard, or an all-out decorator who will add our Holiday Spheres to the mix, you'll find something for nearly everyone. We also have Turned Earrings for personal ornamentation and a showstopper of a Limbert Desk. Wrapping things up in the shop for the end of the year? Take stock of how you store your finishes, and find out what's still going to be good going into January. Plus, learn all about the router - a tool that Chris Marshall claims could be of more use than a table saw. Three Kitchen Gifts: Reward your hungry helpers this holiday season with accessories for some popular foods: a Pizza Peel, a Pizza Cutter and a Taco Holder. Reversible Gameboard: Never lose your marbles - or your cribbage pegs - with this two-sided playing board, built for both mancala and cribbage, with a slide-out storage tray. Limbert Desk Reimagined: An upsized version of a classic plan from an Arts and Crafts master, this desk will give your woodworking skills a workout. Holiday Spheres: Use your scroll saw to cut the stacked rings and solid end pieces which are assembled into ornaments. Doll Cradle: You'll rock as the gift giver of this retro-inspired item, made from only a few sturdy pieces. Woodturning: Turned earrings are a great gift idea - plus, you'll learn to make your own tiny tools for teeny turnings. Tool Tutorial: Find out all the tasks the versatile router can tackle, the 10 basic bits you need, and the advantages of various sizes and configurations.


Food Storage Ideas on Pinterest | Storage, Pantries and Food
Explore Debbie Alexander's board "Food Storage Ideas" on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas | See more about Storage ...

Food Storage Ideas on Pinterest | Storage, Food and Dog ...
Explore Jenny Hansen's board "Food Storage Ideas" on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas | See more about Storage ...

Prepared LDS Family: 3-Month Food Storage: 90 Menu Ideas
As you plan your 3-Month food storage menus, ask yourself this question:

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A Hodge Podge of Food Storage Ideas

All Things Provident
All Things Provident
ISBN 0983267707,9780983267706
306 pages

Written with the LDS reader in mind, but helpful to anyone who wants to be more prepared as a family, All Things Provident provides inspiring tips and ideas in the areas of food storage, finances, and emergency preparedness. With over 300 recipes and fun, hand-drawn illustrations every reader is sure to find a suggestion that will help them do it all just a little better. Author and mother of five children, Tamara Price, provides a life-time of knowledge and experience in the areas of provident living. She shares tried-and-true ways to simplify the daunting task of storing food for your family. She also shares insights into how to be in control of your finances and what steps to take so your family can be prepared for any emergency. All the recipes are family favorites that can be made...

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17 Clever Food Storage Tricks | Survival Prepping Ideas, Emergency Preparedn... - #Randirobics #Preppertalk


I liked a @YouTube video Storage ideas for your FOOD STORAGE - part 2 Great for PREPPERS!


Pantry Ideas. DIY Canned Food Storage Idea.

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Vanilla Pound Cake And Serving Ideas Recipe
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This Startup Turns Almost-Expired Fruit Into Tasty Nutritional Powder To Fight Hunger
07/28/15, via Co.EXIST

Thanks to poor storage and transport, huge amounts of food grown in the Philippines is wasted. At the same time, the country has a desperate need for cheap food. "A lot of people here simply don't have enough money to buy food for the day," says Ngo.

Living Smart: Ideas to organize your pantry cabinet
07/26/15, via Sioux City Journal

Kelly cautions against using a garage or mudroom for extra food storage, since that can attract mice. "I like the idea of shelves or cabinets in the basement area," she says. Kelly recommends basement storage for items that aren't used every day ...

Simple Home Safety Improvements
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Consider concealing these valuables with creative storage solutions that protect and organize everything ... always keep safety in mind. For more ideas for hanging on to your valuables, visit For more tips on how to be safe every day ...

Strawberry Vanilla Jam
Strawberry Vanilla Jam

So, just like we do every spring, we went out strawberry picking yesterday, and the kids helped me to put up some strawberry jam today, to spread the joy around a bit later in the year. They wanted to try something a little different this year, and when I suggested adding some vanilla to the batch, they jumped at the idea. We put up eight 8 oz. containers with the recipe here, with another container (the one pictured here) left over that we started digging into as soon as it was cool enough to eat. It was mighty tasty on a leftover slice of the lemon pound cake I made to bring to a family cookout today. The recipe follows below the photo details. Nikon D7000 w/Nikkor 18-200mm @ 60mm, 1/250s @ ƒ/11, ISO400. One SB-700 camera right, 24mm zoom, full power, bounced off the ceiling; second SB-700 camera right, 24mm zoom, 1/2 power, shooting through a white umbrella. Post-processing (mostly crop and color) in Aperture. Recipe This is a slight adaptation of my usual recipe (to add...

Photo by djwtwo

Under my Pillow
Under my Pillow

Under My Pillow as requested by the delightful txkimmers. I took a photograph of things found under my pillow, which, as of this moment, is a black winter coat (also known as "black bear") stuffed into a tactical tan beanie. These items are nearly present on my person for some reason or another, which are emptied under my pillow upon sleeping. They are: 1) an iPod nano, purchased at the Apple Store in San Francisco and gifted to me by Valkuran, serves as my tether to sanity. The music contained in its sleek black case soothes the mind and lulls me to sleeep, and making me forget, even just momentarily, that day's never ceasing tensions. 2) The mini Maglite is for illumination. It lacks the supposedly required red lens. Fuck the red lens and fuck light discipline. 3) There is a pen, for a Marine is never without one (ideally...). In my case, I have always carried one for those times when inspiration strikes. 4) I made the bracelet myself from a single length of parachute...

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Plastered Skull from Jericho
Plastered Skull from Jericho

Jericho, 7000 BC. Presented by Dame Kathleen Kenyon, 1957. H. 14.9 cm, w. 16.6 cm. X-rays and CT scans on this example have revealed it to be sections of a juvenile skull plastered together, rather than a complete one. The lower jaw and other sections are missing. From: 50 Objects 50 Stories Exhibition. "In 1952, Kathleen Kenyon and her team began their excavations at Jericho. As Kenyon and her team dug down into the mound they made some discoveries that awed archaeologists the world over. It seemed that there had existed a productive well-built city, with massive walls dating from 7000 - 5000 BC, as well as a village community that housed a religious shrine and facilities used for grain storage. What this in fact meant was there had been people living a settled life in the Neolithic Period, 3000 years before pottery was invented. Needless to say, this new discovery completely...

Photo by Merryjack