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Sauder 410814 Storage Cabinet L: 29.61" x W: 16.02" x H: 71.50" Ebony Ash finish

  • Engineered wood construction
  • Assembled dimensions: L: 29.61" x W: 16.02" x...

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My reorganized pantry/food storage room.

I decided to turn my downstairs sewing room into a pantry/food storage room. It works out perfectly because it stays cool and doesn't get a lot of sunlight so it also.

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New Jersey Home Makeover: $10K dining room solution in River Vale | NJ.com - NJ.com

Source: www.nj.com

and William, 4, had squeezed their winter coats, boots and bags onto the hooks and shelves of a black metal rack near the front door. And the absence of closets wasn't the only problem. There were two odd columns at the dining room's entrance. One was centered, while its off-center match made it difficult to seat holiday guests. "Once the kids started trying to climb the one in the center, we knew they had to go," Kieran said. Even their contractor Anthony P. Guerriero was stumped. Their placement defied logic," said Guerriero, who with his son Christopher owns The Renovation Company in Clifton. An angled patch of floor tiles marked the home's entry for a not-so-effective transition between the kitchen, to the left of their front door, and the dining room on the right. Their dining room distress was completed by dated shag carpeting. "It was the worst room in the house from the day we bought it, and it was the first thing you saw when you walked in our home," said Matt, a program analyst with a company that evaluates charities. The renovation To better define the dining area, Guerriero enclosed the new closets in drywall on both sides, joining them overhead with a gentle arch above the room's entry. "It was actually suggested by a friend of mine who's an interior designer," said Kieran, an editor and author (Kieran Scott) of books for young adults. Kristy Gillio of K&M Interior Designs had the idea to carve space from the dining room for two small closets instead of a larger one. Joined by the arch, they help create a more formal dining room entrance. The closets are the same size, but configured differently. One has a low-hanging bar, which was Mom's idea to make it easier for their boys to hang up their own coats. Of course, the offending columns were removed, and the carpet was replaced by shining engineered hardwood flooring , which has a veneer of hardwood over several thin wood layers. Guerriero explained that traditional hardwood flooring would not have worked because the carpet had been installed directly over concrete. "Traditional three-quarter-inch hardwood floors must be nailed down to the subfloor," he said. Adding a subfloor would have made the dining room floor higher than the tiled entry way – a tripping hazard and not visually pleasing. "We choose a thinner, engineered wood floor and floated it over felt padding," he said. The dining room's most stunning feature is white wainscoting with diamond-shaped panels. "There were over 200 cuts required to complete the molding work in the room," Guerriero said. And he re-created the design from a picture. "It was ripped out of This Old House magazine ," said Matt. "It makes the room. How much it cost $9,500. Where they splurged The engineered wood flooring. Where they saved "By getting standard doors for the closets rather than the custom ones we first considered," Matt said. "And by using the chandelier that we had taken with us when we moved out of our old house. It sat in the garage for 4 years until this job was done as our dining room in this house had no hook up for a chandelier. What they did themselves They only bought and installed new knobs for the closet doors and put art on the walls. "Oh, and I put those felt stickies on the bottom of all the furniture to protect my beautiful floor," Matt said. We love how our dining room looks," Matt said. "We could have saved some money on the flooring, but I am glad we went with real wood.

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Yo ! El chapo ! My nigga I got a Spanish food cooking mom , a storage closet for ya shit and ya own room. Fwm fam


RT @StorageBlue: 7 Tricks That Squeeze Every Inch Out of a Small Closet: http://t.co/nY3uwKrbUt


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Moved all the dry goods to the hall closet. A MUCH better solution.

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