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» Fed Interest in Food Storage Facility Connected to FEMA Executive Order 10999 PT 1-URGENT!


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Looters & FEMA & Bears, oh my!

Source: The Ready Roost

Emma again –. Did you know that the government now has the “right” to enter your house without your permission and take all your food and stored water. Obama signed an Executive Order giving FEMA the right to confiscate (steal) your food, water, equipment, and energy sources for “the protection and betterment of National Security. gov/the-press-office/2012/03/16/executive-ordernational-defense-resources-preparedness So how can you protect yourself from this hijacking of your supplies. When I was a kid my mother would send me to look for things for her in a closet or in the basement. A lot of the time I couldn’t locate the item. Mama would walk up, pull the item out from right in front of me, and say, “If it were a snake it would have bitten you. ” Oddly, the more obvious a hiding spot is the less likely someone will discover it. It sounds crazy but a lot of times the best way to hide something is to hide it right under the noses of those searching. Some people put canned goods inside furniture or (yes, it’s true) in hollowed out books. It Was In The Last Place I Looked. When people say this I always think, “Of course it was because when you found it you stopped looking. ” By storing identical items in several places you reduce the chance that searchers will find all of them. You can consider an underground hiding spot. Use landscaping or even the natural terrain to hide your underground stash. You’ll want to be sure to dig in a spot and at a time when people can’t watch you create your underground compartment. If you use your landscaping to hide your stores you should make it look like nothing there is meant to be moved. Put a large landscape rock or really big pot with a plant in it over the compartment. If you use the natural terrain be sure to carefully note where the stash is buried. Don’t use obvious marks or try to just remember exactly where you’ve buried the compartment. You don’t want others figuring it out and you don’t want to forget precisely where you hid your stores. Be sure you protect anything you store underground from the weather, insects, and animals. Heavy duty plastic sheets will keep out insects and hardware cloth will keep out any critters. Immediately after burying your stores try to make that area look just like the ground around it. Make the dirt look as undisturbed as you can, add leaves, or whatever else is natural for the ground in that area. Walk into a room in your house and think, “Where would I look for Waldo in this room. ” Of course, in this case, Waldo is your supplies. The spots that come to mind immediately are ones to cross off your list of hiding places. You’re looking for spots that others won’t instantly consider. Think about building a wall in front of a wall. The space between becomes storage. A wall in front of a wall in the back of a closet is an excellent spot to hide your supplies. Closets can give you a lot of room to store things behind a false wall. A false back to each cupboard with a hidden hinge or lock will give you a lot of storage space. Just be sure not to make the storage area so deep it becomes obvious there’s a hiding spot. But you can stack a lot of 14. 5 oz. cans or boxes of soup in a reasonable space. For small items like batteries, first aid items, etc. you want to hide stash tubes are a great idea. Using your home’s plumbing and HVAC equipment you can disguise your stash tubes as just part of the house. Check out the pipes in your house and figure out where you can add some that will look like part of the plumbing. There’s a movie from way back in 1987 (yes, Kids, there were movies way back then) about a female burglar. At one point in the movie the police are trying to break into her apartment. Her attention to detail prior to this event keeps the police at bay for a long time. And while they’re trying to get in she’s got time to make a sandwich and go to her hidden, soundproof room. If you have the resources and the space, a hidden room can be the ultimate hiding spot for your stores. The room would have to be built in such a way as not to be obvious. It can’t throw off the dimensions of the surrounding room(s). You have to ensure that it won’t be found if the searchers tap on the outer wall. If you can’t soundproof it like in the movie you can at least use insulation and a couple of old mattresses so that a knock on the wall doesn’t produce a.

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Food and Water - FEMA.gov | Federal Emergency Management ...
For emergency cooking indoors, ... It is recommended to purchase food-grade water storage containers ... materials listed below are online at www.fema.gov and www ...

Food | Ready.gov
FEMA.gov; Be Informed. ... The following items are suggested when selecting emergency food ... Refrigerators should be kept at 40° F or below for proper food storage.

Fed Interest in Food Storage Facility Connected to FEMA ...
He then speculates as to why the feds would demand customer lists. “DHS/FEMA wants to know which Americans have food storage so the federal government can at some ...

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Obama Nationalizes All Food and This Will Force Millions of Americans Into FEMA Camps
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(f) “Food resource facilities” means plants, machinery, vehicles (including on farm), and other facilities required for the production, processing, distribution, and storage (including ... By the way, FEMA states that the average American family ...

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TWIN FALLS • Idaho counties will receive federal funding to help support emergency food and shelter programs ... She’s the voluntary FEMA coordinator for Twin Falls, Jerome, Cassia and Minidoka counties. “This year, we assumed we wouldn’t get ...

Wise Food Storage is packaged with dangerously high oxygen levels
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A new study was just released stating the differences in oxygen levels found in two very popular brands of food storage. The two brands compared through this study were Mountain House and Wise Food. The study was performed by Columbia Food Laboratories ...