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Tesla announces new entry-level Model S alongside battery and "Ludicrous Mode ...

Instead of melting beyond a certain amperage as is the case with the standard fuse, the new fuse constantly monitors the current and is pyro-activated to cut power when necessary. This has been coupled with an upgrade to the main battery Like that

Tech: Tesla unveils Ludicrous Mode for its Model S

Unlike standard fuses, which melt when a certain current is exceeded, the new fuse constantly monitors amperage, cutting power when and where it's deemed necessary. Between the fact that the Model S can outperform a number of other supercars, the fact

Load limiting to kick off in Joburg

Johannesburg - Joburg residents who are using “too much” electricity will now have their power disconnected remotely by City Power. This will allow affected households to still run light, power-consuming appliances such as lights, TVs and alarm

Tesla announces new entry-level Model S alongside battery and "Ludicrous Mode ... - Gizmag

Source: www.gizmag.com

For people who are worried about running out of charge on the go, Tesla is also offering a 90 kWh battery pack (up from 85 kWh), which it claims will offer almost 300 miles (483 km) of range at a 65 mph (105 km/h) cruise on the highway. The battery upgrade will cost US$3,000, but Elon Musk has advised owners to hold off upgrading unless they’re already on the edge of the range envelope. As well as its range-topping upgrades, Tesla announced a new entry-level Model S with the new single-motor, rear-drive 70 kWh car to sit below the dual-motor version launched in April this year, undercutting its price by $5,000. If you already own... Source: Tesla. Most folks seem to forget that the Tesla Model S was never meant to compete feature for feature with a Corolla, or a Versa or a Fiesta. It was meant to compete with the S-Class, the A8, and the BMW 7 Series. Interestingly, Tesla leads that segment in sales, safety, owner satisfaction, and performance. When Tesla decides to create a competitor in the $35,000 range, I expect it will be equally dominate. However, don't expect a new $15,000 car from Tesla. Personally, I'd rather see a Tesla that competes in the F-150 or F-250 class. It can be used as a perfectly practical and economical family car. It seats 5 adults comfortably and two kids in the optional rear-facing jump seats, has lots of cargo space in the front and rear, it's one of the safest cars in the world, has an intuitive 17" touchscreen with web browser that controls everything,... The exhaust not does not wake the dead and/or dozing police for miles around. When you're not driving like a madman, it is extremely smooth and refined. The regen braking allows for mostly one-pedal driving, the automatic cruise control is very useful, and the soon to come Autopilot mode will make traveling a breeze. It's like a Lexus with the skin of a Maserati, the heart of a Bugatti, the soul of a Jaguar, and tech that surpasses them all. @bradleydad The article didn't say "Entry level car", it said "entry-level Model S". At no point anywhere did anyone say the Model S itself is an entry level car. The base price for Model S 70 is $70k before incentives. $20k in fuel savings over 10 years and the $7,500 tax credit puts it at ~$42,500. It's still far from cheap but it's closer to the cost of ownership of a high end SUV or a 5 series BMW than a Ferrari or something. The S was never meant to be a low budget car. The S-series from Tesla will prove to be one of the great car designs of all time - electric or not. As for extra get up and go: I can take it or leave it since the car is already more than fast enough for a sedan. Nice to know that they have solved the issue of amperage draw and resulting heat. Now, if they could harvest that heat, we'd really be on to something. When the price for this car gets to $75,000 (as it will) Tesla will have done the nearly impossible and consumers will be the beneficiaries. Until then we'll just have to believe the "we're saving you thousands on gasoline so we're factoring that into the net payment calculation".

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Principles of Home Inspection: Systems & standards
Principles of Home Inspection: Systems & standards
Published by Dearborn Real Estate 2015
ISBN 0793179351,9780793179350
950 pages

This introductory overview of the major home systems gives students a solid foundation for beginning a career in home inspection. This comprehensive text gets students out into the field quickly while serving as a springboard for the 13 advanced electives in the Principles line. Systems & Standards focuses on system and component problems, their practical implications, and inspections strategies for finding them. No other single volume offers both the breadth and depth of this introduction.

The Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink
The Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink
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ISBN 9780195307962,0195307968
693 pages

A panoramic history of the culinary traditions, culture, and evolution of American food and drink features nearly one thousand entries, essays, and articles on such topics as fast food, celebrity chefs, regional and ethnic cuisine, social and cultural food history, food science, and more, along with hundreds of photographs and lists of food museums, Web sites, festivals, and organizations.

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Electric Chimichurri Sauce
Ingredients:red pepper flakes, parsley, garlic, olive oil, black pepper, salt, water, white vinegar

Cinnamon Ice Cream ("Diet Version") for electric ice
Ingredients:milk, cinnamon, egg yolks, splenda, vanilla extract

Easy Electric Pressure Cooker Chicken Stock
Ingredients:bay leaves, black pepper, chicken, spices, vegetables, water

Electric Cool-Aid
Ingredients:blue curacao, club soda, grape juice, limoncello

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Vomo is a fast and light electric scooter
08/11/15, via TrustedReviews

It comes with either an 8.8-amp or 11.6-amp battery. The makers claim it will give you a range of over 20 miles on a single charge, though they don't specify which battery that's with. Still, should be enough to get you to work and back. It won't ...

That Time the Navy Used the Grateful Dead's Amps to Listen to Soviet Subs
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Wiz asked McGee, then a receptionist and bookkeeper at Alembic, a California-based custom electric guitar, bass ... which focused on the long-range detection of submarines. SURTASS got underway with the prototype research vessel Moana Wave, which towed ...

Lincoln Electric Unveils Cross Country™ 300 Engine-Driven Pipe Welder / Generator
08/07/15, via Press Release Point

Cleveland – The new Cross Country™ 300 engine-driven welder from Lincoln Electric is specifically designed ... This machine produces 300 amps DC/32 volts at 100% duty cycle and a range of 40-300 amps. In addition, the Cross Country 300 produces 11,000 ...