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electric stove burner covers

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Meatless Monday - Creamy Zucchini, Corn and Roasted Poblanos Taco Filling

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Mine is WABE, it’s our local NPR station here in Atlanta and they have some really great programing. One program that I really love is called The Splendid Table because the host covers a huge amount of information having to do with food. Not just cooking it but serving it (try hand crafted dishes for serving, they are great) the politics of growing and importing it. The list goes on and on. I won’t bore you, just find it and listen for yourself then let me know what you think. Anyway, I while back I was listening to the program and became interested in this recipe. Naturally I tried it and I loved it. Now it’s my turn to share it. You can find the recipe on the Splendid Table website here http://www. org/recipes/creamy-zucchini-corn-and-roasted-poblanos-taco-filling or just stay continue here. I didn’t make any changes to the recipe except to add some avocado. I want the heat intense so the tough skin of the chiles will blister and blacken before the flesh has softened too much—it shouldn’t take much more than 5 minutes to roast a chile on an open flame. (When using only one burner, I roast the poblanos in batches. ) If only an electric stove is available, I heat the broiler, adjust the shelf as high as it will go, lay the chiles onto a baking sheet and slide them under the broiler. As they blister and blacken, I turn them until all are uniformly charred, about 10 minutes. (Broiler-roasting works fine, though the chiles’ flesh tends to get a little more cooked and takes on less smoky flavor than when flame-roasting. ) Whether the chiles are broiler- or flame-roasted, when they are evenly blackened, I collect them in a bowl and cover it with a kitchen towel to trap a little steam to loosen the charred skin. (Some cooks put them in a plastic bag, but for me, that traps too much steamy heat, leading to flesh that’s softer—more cooked—than I like. ) When the chiles have cooled enough to be handleable, I rub off their charred skin, remove the seed pod by pulling firmly on the stem, then rinse the peeled, seeded flesh briefly under cool water. Lastly, I slice the roasted chile into 1/4-inch strips. After a minute or so, when the garlic is fragrant, I stir in the chile strips and Mexican crema. When the cream has thickened enough to coat the chiles nicely—that takes only a couple of minutes over the medium-high heat, though it needs to be stirred nearly constantly—I taste the mixture and season it with salt, usually about 1/2 teaspoon. This is the perfect accompaniment to grilled meat or fish tacos, to steak or pork chops, or to grilled, sautéed or broiled fish or chicken. poblanos are my favorite, I broil them and when I take them out I put them in a bowl of cold water and can peel them sooner. if I want my salsa not too hot I leave out the seeds, hotter with the seeds. not sure if I can get the Splendid Table up here, very limited reception, I do watch Atlanta public programs on TV. The ancients believed inanimate objects such as pottery had a soul. It comes from the ground, where life sustaining plants grow, and just like people. Also like people and plants it has mind of its own and sometimes rejects the direction in which we lead it. Often the resulting pot is better than what we intended at the start. This is why I love working in clay and why my style is not highly refined or rigid. I gently guide the clay and the glaze but rejoice in letting them become what they will by the other forces they encounter. Just like planting a seed in the garden, even when I have specific plans for it I’m never exactly certain what it will be until it is fully developed. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy sharing it with you.

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Reston Lloyd Electric Stove Burner Covers, Set of 4, Black. by Reston Lloyd. $8.58. ... Instant Counter Glass Burner Cover Black Marble (look) Cutting Board.

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Cover Your Burners!

Cover Your Burners!
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Martha Stewart Set of 4 Electric Stove Burner Covers - Stainless Steel ...

Martha Stewart Set of 4 Electric Stove Burner Covers - Stainless Steel ...
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How to Care for Aging Parents, 3rd Edition
How to Care for Aging Parents, 3rd Edition
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Pros and Cons of Wood Pellet Stoves
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Chosen for EXPLORE, September 3, 2011! (Disclaimer: I am not a scientist or engineer, as the following description makes obvious!) The pan and its top, seen here, is the device we use for simple "hot-water-bath" canning (fruits, rhubarb and tomatoes and some pickles)--the high acid foods. The USDA and the home extension office in the USA do not officially approve this device, stating that 'not enough research has yet been carried out to know if it is safe'. [Do not confuse this device with a "pressure canner" which is a large pressure cooker that locks tight and raises pressure within, subjecting the food to temperatures well above boiling (and which is NECESSARY for preserving all foods other than those named above--most vegetables, meats, soups, etc.). ] ALWAYS FOLLOW THE ADVICE GIVEN BY YOUR RECIPE FOR USING THE CORRECT PROCESSOR, simple water-bath (as here) or locking pressure canner. The device seen here uses simple steam to "boil" the cans and...

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2006 Millennium H-3 45, #0056 - SOLD
2006 Millennium H-3 45, #0056 - SOLD

2006 Millennium H-3 45, #0056 Slides: 2 - Rear Bath MODEL 2006 Millennium H-3 45 LENGTH 45.0 FT TYPE Prevost ENGINE TYPE Detroit Diesel Series FUEL TYPE Diesel SLIDES Two (2) COLOR Custom STOCK NUM #0056 Includes: AMX system Rear Bath Granite path in salon Leather sofa Dual entrance Private Lavatory 2006 Millennium H-3 45 Double Slide # 0056 Year: 2006 Mileage: 59,019 Make: Millennium Engine: Detroit Series 60 Model: H3-45 2slide Trans: Allison 6 Speed VIN: 2PCV3349551010056 Type: Prevost Exterior Colors: Pearl - Dark Rose - Satin Silver - Smoke Grey - Burgundy Marbleizing with silver trap lines Entry/Helm: – Giallo Veneziano granite entry –Oxford burl dash panels- matching Champagne leather on Pilot and Co-pilot seats (Large Co-Pilot) - six-way power adjustments – power shades – power air-slide step cover – Walnut burl veneer console - Sandstone solid surface counter top – color and adjustable back-up monitor – AM/FM CD player - Kenwood Navigation system - cruise,...

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2008 Millennium H3-45 - Double Slide - SOLD
2008 Millennium H3-45 - Double Slide - SOLD

2008 Millennium H3-45, #0683 Slides: 2 Year: 2008Mileage: 23,602 Make: Millennium Engine: Detroit Series 60 Model: H3-45 2 Prevost Slides Trans: Allison 6 Speed VIN: 2PCV3349261710683 Type: Prevost Exterior Colors: Black – Blaze Gold – Gold Beige – Bordeaux Red Entry/Helm: – St. Cecilia New Venetian Granite entry w/no slip brass strips – matching Bone leather on Pilot and Co-pilot seats with Black Stingray inserts - eight-way power adjustments – massage and heating - Hunter Douglas power cell shades – power air-slide step cover –Burlwood veneer console – Karadon solid surface counter tops – color and adjustable back-up monitor – AM/FM CD player - Pioneer N3 Navigation system - cruise, tilt steering wheel - dash and aux dash A/C –auto leveling system - Allison transmission retarder – Uniden CB – Crestron Audio/Visual controls near pilot seat - 15” Co-pilot LCD Salon: Beautiful gold colored Chenille sofa – 2 leather recliners with built in footrest and occasional table –...

Photo by MillenniumLuxuryCoaches