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Divas Can Cook - Whole Roasted Chicken & Vegetable Recipe: So Simple

This easy roasted chicken and vegetables recipe is a true classic. I just love the simplicity of the ingredients and for some reason when I place this rustic beauty.

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'Root to Leaf,' reviewed: Solidly seasonal, but hardly compost-free - The ...

Asparagus is cut into segments before being roasted with radishes and garlic in this Steven Satterfield dish, from his new cookbook, “Root to Leaf.” (T. Susan Chang for The ) Leaf's” photo of rhubarb roasted in honey. Mine melted

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Why they're good for you: A tangerine has more antioxidants than an orange, and this powerful little fruit is full of soluble and insoluble fiber that play a role in reducing disease risk and supporting weight management. Tangerines are a . 1 cup

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She had a handful of go-to dishes that she was tired of cooking: spaghetti, hamburgers and boneless, skinless chicken breasts cooked in a Pampered Chef bakeware in the microwave. She wanted to learn how to cook some new things, like pork Fill in

'Root to Leaf,' reviewed: Solidly seasonal, but hardly compost-free - The ... - Washington Post

Source: www.washingtonpost.com

“Root to Leaf: A Southern Chef Cooks Through the Seasons,” by Steven Satterfield (Harper Wave, 2015. $45). Steven Satterfield is the chef at the helm of “produce-driven” Miller Union, in Atlanta. What does it exactly mean for a restaurant to be “produce-driven”. According to Satterfield, it means working closely with local sources. It means cooking with scrupulous seasonality. And it means cooking “root to leaf” — the vegetable-and-fruit equivalent of “nose to tail. Would a “white-and-light-green parts only” leek once again be whole the vegetable it was. Naturally, “Root to Leaf” is seasonally organized, though not particularly specific to Southern seasons. At this time of year, it made sense to test the spring and summer portions of the book. I found some familiar flavor combinations, but often they came in unexpected contexts or made use of slightly tweaked techniques. I’ve put asparagus stalks in the oven a million times, but I’ve never chopped them into segments first. Tossed with quartered radishes and garlic, they roasted quickly and consistently for a colorful and versatile side, and although you might think a radish too watery for such treatment, its final texture was firmer than expected and a good match... If you can’t get hold of true spring onions, you can use leeks in a spring onion pizza, which is mouthwatering in almost the same way a scallion pancake is. I’m still wondering about Satterfield’s directive to cut four ounces of mozzarella into... But next time, I might grate the mozzarella and spare my children the streak of profanity that issued from the kitchen. The only rhubarb in my supermarket was pale and celery-colored, and it bore no resemblance to the blushing, firm-looking stalks in “Root to Leaf’s” photo of rhubarb roasted in honey. Mine melted into a sort of flimsy compote, but one that was still tart and intriguing with roast chicken. [Make the recipe: Shrimp and Fava Beans ]. Some shockingly tender shrimp make a good match for silky new fava beans and a bit of crisp radish. Satterfield’s method of cooking shrimp might be my new favorite: The protein and the butter go together into a cold pan and slowly heat, the shrimp barely turning opaque as the butter melts. Sweet strawberries in rose water have a romantic, over-the-top scent. you use the macerating liquid to flavor and pink up the whipped cream that goes with them, which makes a visually striking match with toasted pistachios and shortbread cookies. The basic shortbread recipe is little different from what you might have made before. pistachios and black pepper lend richness and bite. [Make the recipes: Strawberries and Cream With Rose Water and Pistachios. Black-Pepper Pistachio Shortbread ]. Summer recipes marry sweet and savory elements with equal effectiveness. Blueberries, with their ample freight of pectin, naturally thicken Satterfield’s mostarda, a kind of heavy-bodied gastrique, acidified with vinegar and lifted by faintly popping mustard seed and minced ginger. I served it with seared chicken paillards, and it transformed what would be a very ordinary weeknight meal into something memorable. There are a lot of bright, crunchy, good ideas in his crab salad: cucumber, preserved lemon, basil. But be sure to spring for the best-quality pasteurized crab you can find, as you won’t be cooking it further. If not for that, those cool, crisp textures might have become a summer staple. [Make the recipe: Green Beans, Roasted Pepper and Potato Salad ]. Once the eggplants are ripe (and if you can bear turning on the oven to roast them), you can make Satterfield’s peanutty baba ghanouj. though be sure the eggplant has cooked enough to truly founder in its own skin, even if you have to go beyond the 40 minutes indicated. Ours had not, but I was impatient, and the flavor suffered for it. A salad of green beans, roasted pepper and potato salad similarly makes the most of summer. Its dressing, though, falls back on cooler-weather apples (in the form of vinegar) and oranges (in the form of juice), bizarrely but happily mingled with mashed anchovy, in the manner of a niçoise salad. I learned something from most of those recipes. But I’m still puzzling about that phrase “root to leaf.

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Mom 'N' Pop's Apple Pie 1950s Cookbook
Mom 'N' Pop's Apple Pie 1950s Cookbook
Published by Last Gasp 2004
ISBN 0867195924,9780867195927
112 pages

In this book, we return to those wonderful days of bean salad, baked beans and green bean casseroles. We have selected recipes that recapture a spirit of simplicity and wholesomeness. These recipes were chosen with an eye to the recipes that mom inherited from grandma, ones she developed herself and ones which capture the spirit of those times. In most cases, these are oven or stove top meals, although in some cases microwave instructions have also been included where they are appropriate.

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Beyond Diet Recipes Book 1
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In recent years, the emphasis of the health physicians on weight control and healthy eating has increased as compared to previous decade. The health consultant concern about the new generation' health is not ordinary, as they already have seen the adverse effects of life style changing. The inappropriate and insufficient sleep, increased consumption of fast food, static life style and increased burden on the people's mind has given chance to many disease to overwhelm the people. One of the most important aspects in order to maintain good health is healthy eating. In this book you will find various recipes which can help you to improve and maintain great health.

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Ingredients:chicken, salsa, parsley, lemon juice, lemon, vegetable oil

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The finished product - "Chicken in Milk" - recipe from Jamie Oliver
The finished product - "Chicken in Milk" - recipe from Jamie Oliver

bon appetit, dinner is served

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Irish style chicken
Irish style chicken

Recipe from Jack. Chicken with Herb Stuffing Ingredients One Whole Chicken Bacon Sausage Rosemary, Thyme, Sage (Can be found in some grocery stores as fresh Poultry Seasoning usually near the vegetable section) 2 Cups Bread Crumbs (Make some toast and crumble it up into crumb size) Half an onion diced 2 Tablespoons butter 2 or 3 Potatoes INSTRUCTIONS 1) Get some Kitchen Twine and cut off about 2 feet of it. You're looking for enough to tie around the whole chicken and then tie it in a bow. 2) Get a crockpot out. Slice the potatoes into large circular slices about 2 inches thick. Place those on the bottom of the crockpot. This is to keep the chicken out of all the chicken juice 3) In a skillet warm up the butter and sauté the onions until soft, let them cool enough to touch. mix herb seasonings to bread crumbs. (I just did it by eye so no exact measurements) add the onion mixture and mix. Now you have herb stuffing. 4) Get a ziplock bag if you want to save...

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Super easy tasty roast lemon chicken and green beans
Super easy tasty roast lemon chicken and green beans

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and wash your hands. 2. Put 1 Tablespoon of olive oil in baking dish and spread it around with a spatula. 3. Wash and then snap off the end bits of the green beans and break the beans in half so they're bite size. 4. Add 3 Tablespoons good olive oil to the green beans. 5. Add 1/2 teaspoon salt to the green beans. 6. Add 1/2 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper to the green beans. 7. Slice one lemon into thin slices. Juice the other (not more than 1 ounce) and pour over the green beans, and then slice the juiced hulls too. Use all the lemon to line the baking dish. 8. Peel the garlic, chop up the 4 or 5 biggest cloves and add them to the green beans. Tuck the remaining cloves in around the outside edges of the baking dish. 9. Open the chicken package. 10. Just stick your hands right into those green beans and toss 'em around, getting olive oil all over them. Then, giving them a little shake to loosen any drippy oil as you lift them from the bowl, spread...

Photo by MetaGrrrl