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Dutchoven Anleitung Campchef 14 vs. DO 8QT --- Klaus grillt

FAQ oder Anleitung zum Dutchoven. Da mich doch einige Fragen in den letzten Wochen zum Dutch Oven erreicht haben, und gleichzeitig der Campchef 14 bei.

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Dutch oven cooking secrets from Reno's Dutch Diva

While the rolls baked, the Dutch Diva filled shredded chicken, Parmesan and cheddar enchiladas, nestled them in a 14-inch oven and smothered them in creamy mushroom and green chile enchilada sauce, a signature. Next, she rolled out crust for Dutch 

Daybreak Delights: Dutch Oven Delight

Line a 12-inch Dutch oven with heavy-duty foil. Press some of the excess juice out of the canned fruit. To the Dutch oven add peaches, oranges and cinnamon. Stir to mix. Sprinkle brown sugar over fruit. Dump cake mix in a large pile over center of fruit.

Vegemite is a 'Precursor to Misery' in Australia

Vegemite—the seemingly innocent, salty spread that elicits both patriotic worship and vitriolic hatred in the food's native Australia—might be being used to make moonshine. The situation is so bad that Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion

Dutch oven cooking secrets from Reno's Dutch Diva - Reno Gazette Journal

Source: www.rgj.com

We were in Dutch with Terry Bell. We were in Dutch in the best sense — in for some Dutch oven cooking. Bell, who has been cooking with Dutch ovens for more than 30 years, styles herself the Dutch Diva. She deploys the Dutch for the Reno Rodeo Cattle Drive and leads classes throughout Nevada, including an Aug. 1 class at Nothing to It Culinary Center. We literally came over the river and through the woods — well, through the sagebrush and pine, at any rate — to Bell's ranch in the hills above Verdi to learn about this classic (and very Western) way of cooking al fresco. Dutch ovens take their name from the cast metal cooking vessels the Dutch specialized in during the 17th century, vessels that became popular in England. Though Dutch oven commonly refers to a large, lidded, heavy cooking pot, the vessels Bell uses for outdoor cooking are specific specimens: They're usually cast iron, have three legs to lift the bottom above the coals, have a lip around the lid to... "When weight is an issue" — as on a horse pack trip — "you can use an aluminum Dutch oven, but they get hot faster, so you have to watch them more," Bell said. The Dutch Diva: www. The website lists upcoming Dutch oven classes and events, including a hands-on class that runs 10 a. m. to 1 p. m. Aug. 1 at Nothing to It Culinary Center, 225 Crummer Lane. _____________________. The Dutch Diva got her start with the ovens as a newlywed living in a single-room cabin without electricity or indoor plumbing in the mountains between Reno and Lake Tahoe. "Out of necessity, we built a tripod and hung a Dutch oven over a fire," Bell said. At the Bell spread today, Dutch oven cooking is a family affair. Besides the Dutch Diva, there's husband Randy, the Dutch Dad, who fashions wrought iron cooking tools. the Dutch Brothers, the couple's two grandsons. and the Dutch Baby, their granddaughter. The Dutch Brothers are eager samplers, something made clear as a 12-inch oven brimming with Parmesan bread came off the coals. ," said brother Noah Boutcher, 8. "Can I have some more. The main concern with Dutch ovens isn't seasoning, however, but water: It's the enemy. "Make sure your oven is completely dry before storing," and place a folded paper towel between the pot and lid to enable air circulation, Bell said. "Any moisture means the oven could rust and then have pitting. You don't want those materials leaching into the food. As visitors arrived the other afternoon, Parmesan-crusted rolls were already baking in their cast iron cocoon. The oven rested on a metal sheet set atop a bucket. "I cook on a table, I cook on a bucket, I cook on the dirt," Bell said. Like proper equipment and storage, coals are a Dutch oven essential. Bell likes Kingsford brand charcoal. "You don't want to use cut-rate charcoal," she said. "It won't light properly, it won't stay lit properly and it won't give off uniform heat. Bell keeps plenty of coals ready in charcoal starters so she can replace ones that have burned to ash. Coals are arranged concentrically beneath the oven and on its lid, with about one briquette's worth of space left between each coal, until the cooking surface and lid are covered. Beneath the oven, the outer ring of coals extends slightly beyond the bottom "to send heat up the sides and not just underneath," Bell said. "If you really want your food to come out nice, you really want to put your coals down properly. While the rolls baked, the Dutch Diva filled shredded chicken, Parmesan and cheddar enchiladas, nestled them in a 14-inch oven and smothered them in creamy mushroom and green chile enchilada sauce, a signature. Next, she rolled out crust for Dutch oven apple pie spiked with ground cloves. "As soon as I start to smell whatever I'm cooking, I check to see if it's cooking too slowly or too quickly," Bell said. Bread, for one, can easily burn if its progress isn't checked (and if its coals aren't correct). The rolls emerged first: hot, savory, soft, wondrous. As we went in for thirds, Bell used her lid lifter ( a tool made by her husband) to peek at the enchiladas, bubbling and blistered. Earlier this year, Bell competed in the International Dutch Oven Society World Championships in Utah. She said she missed the finals by one.

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Bayou 14-qt Dutch Oven with Basket7465

Bayou 14-qt Dutch Oven with Basket7465

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Bayou 14-qt Dutch Oven with Basket Model 7465


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Classic 14" Dutch Oven | Camp Chef
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Google Books

101 Things to Do with a Dutch Oven
101 Things to Do with a Dutch Oven
Published by Gibbs Smith 2015
ISBN 1586857851,9781586857851
120 pages

One of the founding members of the Greater Wasatch Dutch Oven Society presents 101 easy recipes for beginner and seasoned Dutch oven cooks to make, including the Mountain Man Breakfast, Sausage Spinach Wreath, Caramel Apple Cobbler, Stuffed Pork Roast, Cinnamon Rolls, Dutch Oven Pizza, White Chili, and more.

Dutch Oven Secrets
Dutch Oven Secrets
Published by Cedar Fort 1997
ISBN 0882903721,9780882903729
128 pages

Written by a veteran of several World Championship Dutch Oven Cook-offs, this guide has a helpful list of tools takes the guesswork out of what accessories to buy. Delicious recipes are given for soups, main dishes, chili, sauces, bread, cakes, and pies.

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Cooking recipes

Dutch Oven Biscuits Recipe
Ingredients:flour, milk, shortening, salt, baking powder

Easy No Knead Dutch Oven Crusty Bread
Ingredients:yeast, flour, cornmeal, salt, water

Dutch Oven Campfire Cobbler
Ingredients:butter, cinnamon, pie filling, cake mix

Dutch Oven Campfire Peach Cobbler Recipe
Ingredients:cake mix, peach, butter

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Daybreak Delights: Dutch Oven Delight
08/10/15, via Colorado’s Own Channel 2 KWGN

Spread mixture evenly over fruit. Dot top with butter. Place lid on Dutch oven and bake using 8-10 briquettes bottom and 14-16 briquettes top for 45 to 60 minutes. Or in an oven preheated to 350 degrees. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream.

Lake Tahoe road work schedule for August 9 - 15
08/09/15, via southtahoenow.com

Aug. 9-14- State Route 89 (El Dorado/Placer County ... There will be no bleachers or seating available so lawn/beach chairs are encouraged. Northern Sierra Dutch Oven Group will demonstrate cooking with Dutch ovens in a free presentation at the Dangberg ...

Big Green Egg, a Japanese kamado-style grill, fires up the faithful
08/04/15, via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Set aside. Add the meat to the Dutch oven, and brown it. Then add onion spice mixture. Add the broth and salsa and simmer for one hour. Add green chilies and simmer for another hour. Adjust spice level with green pepper Tabasco. Serves 14 to 20 people.

Homemade “Pop Tarts”
Homemade “Pop Tarts”

The latest experimental baking project: “Pop-Tarts”. I made two varieties, these filled with homemade strawberry-rhubarb jam, and another with a chocolate crust filled with Nutella (and attempting to mimic store-bought strawberry and chocolate Pop-Tarts, at least visually.) I don't think I've gotten a crust that I'm happy with yet. Regular Pop-Tart crust is like dry pie crust, and I didn't want to go that route, but I figured that the crust needed to be a bit stronger than pie crust typically is. This time around, I tried an egg, but that doesn't appear to be the right answer, as the crust was too firm instead (albeit still tastier than stock Pop-Tart crust). I think that part of the problem was that I figured the extra fat in the egg would compensate for the extra liquid in the egg, but given the gluten that formed in the resulting dough, I think I figured wrong. The recipe below is as I prepped things last night; next time I'll probably drop the egg but add a little extra liquid...

Photo by djwtwo


one was 14" and the other 15"

Photo by 03Marine

Caramel-Bottomed Guinness Chocolate Pie
Caramel-Bottomed Guinness Chocolate Pie

I made one of these in my big batch o’ pies for Pi Day this year, and had fully intended to post a recipe. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of this particular pie, since I was concentrating on a few other pies I was baking for the Serious Eats/Instructables Pi Day Pie contest. So, I just had to bake another one. I like the pairing of chocolate and stout, and I think the orange-spiked caramel layer really fills out the flavor of the pie. The pudding itself is based on a recipe from the folks at Cooks Illustrated, tweaked quite a bit, the pie crust is basically a 1:2:3 ratio pie dough but with extra liquid in the form of vodka (which helps make the dough workable, but keeps it from getting tough by providing alcohol to interfere with gluten production), and the caramel and whipped cream are pretty stock recipes (I use variants of both all the time). Photography-wise, I shot this picture outside, taking advantage of a nice sunny day (with the sunlight filtered through a...

Photo by djwtwo