How To Slow Cook A Pot Roast In The Oven

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How to Cook Beef Pot Roast in the Oven, Slow Cooker and Pressure Cooker

David Venable shows you how to cook a beef pot roast in the oven, slow cooker and pressure cooker. Get the items that are in David's kitchen:.

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So back before I had much cooking experience and before I knew what I did and didn't like I used to boil my chicken before adding it to whatever dish the same night. I wasn't a big chicken fan--chicken was always rubbery and, well, too chickeny. Sadly chicken is the cheapest meat and when you're on a tight budget. well, you eat a lot of it. Which was kind of lame since I didn't like chicken much. Flash forward to a few years into our marriage while living in Denver we had a delicious meal at our friends Nate and Tiffany's house (Poppyseed Chicken--which is one of the recipes I want to share with you. ) and not only was this recipe just soooo delicious, but her chicken was sooo tender and delicious. So I asked her how she cooked it and she told me, "well, any chicken I need for casseroles and stuff I pop in my crock pot hours before I make dinner. It makes it very tender and delicious. Except that sounded like so much preplanning and I'm not the most organized person in the world, so I kind of put that on the back burner because with a baby on the way how was I going to be able to think that much ahead. A few years later I started sautéing my chicken in a skillet and butter with salt and pepper before using it in dishes. This helped immensely all my recipes so much. And suddenly I didn't mind chicken as much. and it wasn't as rubbery anymore. A few years LATER I remembered what my friend Tiffany had told me about her crock pot chicken so I started doing it. And chicken dishes got EVEN MORE delicious and frankly quite amazing. So then a couple weeks ago I happened to see a blog post about precooking your chicken, freezing it and then using it in casseroles and enchiladas. I was like that is just genius. Even though crockpot cooking my chicken was amazing I had trouble planning that far ahead in my day--especially now that I had two little munchinks running around. So this past week we bought about 6 packages of chicken and for a few days I slow cooked a package a day in my slow cooker, froze it and now have delicious, slow cooked chicken for last minute meals. Next I want to precook some ground beef and eventually some roast beef or stew meat. First, I put about 1 package of chicken (usually about 5 pounds or 6-10 chicken breasts, I think) into my crock pot. I cook it on LOW (this is important, its rubbery on high) for 4-5 hours or until done. Once it's done I lay all the chicken breasts out on a cookie sheet or plates and allow to cool completely. (We have to hide it in our pantry to cool or Miss Bianca, our kitty, will find her way onto the counter to eat it. ) Also cool about a cup or so of broth. Once the chicken is completely cool, we chop or shred it all (your preference). I usually make my hubby help with this so the time goes by faster. Lastly I put portion amounts in sandwich baggies with a few tablespoons of broth (this keeps them longer and also makes them not dry out), flatten them out as best as you can so they store in the freezer better, and then put those in a gallon size... Portions are usually 2 cups since that's what most recipes call for, but I do an occasionally 1 cup for small servings of things. And I label and date it and pop it in my freezer. And so, anything that you bake in the oven you can pop the frozen chicken into, and anything else you would just want to defrost and possible heat up, if needed, before popping it into your dish. Makes a busy cook's life that much easier. Hope this helps make your life easier as well. Let me know if you have any questions or if you think I missed a step.

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As the author states, there are lots of pot roast recipes out there ...but this one is special. I agree wholeheartedly. I cooked the roast in the oven ...

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... pot roast that includes both the oven and slow cooker cooking methods
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How to Cook Pot Roast in the Oven (Photo: John Dryzga/Demand Media ...

How to Cook Pot Roast in the Oven (Photo: John Dryzga/Demand Media ...
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