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com/tassimo-brewbot - Make the perfect cappuccino coffee with the Tassimo Brewbot. Making fantastic tasting coffee has never been.

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The Ban on Plastic Bags vs. the Ban on Bag Bans -- NYMag

The accompanying photo showed a Cleaver-esque family tossing disposable items in the air like confetti: “The objects flying through the air in this picture would take 40 hours to clean — except no housewife need bother.” By 1967, however, Benjamin

Starbucks coming to SA sparks split reaction

South Africans are divided over news that Starbucks will open its first coffee shop in the country in 2016. Starbucks coffee. Picture: Twitter *waits for everyone to post a picture of their misspelt names written on their cup* bleh. — Sandi M

BILOXI: Sun Herald reader, inspired by photo, tells her own story | More ...

It was a six-day stay, though the length of stay was necessary, I could not wait to be in my own home, at my own kitchen table where I would read and sip a cup of home-brewed coffee. After I got home, I saw the Sun Herald on top of the kitchen table

The Ban on Plastic Bags vs. the Ban on Bag Bans -- NYMag - New York Magazine

Source: nymag.com

Lauren Kuby had a simple ambition: She wanted to get something done. Kuby works by day at a sustainability institute that’s part of Arizona State University in Tempe, but last year she decided to run for City Council. President Obama had called for state and local action in his State of the Union address in 2015, encouraging municipalities to act as laboratories for progressive change, and Kuby took his words to heart. After she was sworn in to her new council seat in January, she started looking for a project to take on. She quickly found one: plastic bags. You are no doubt familiar with plastic bags — you probably own several dozen of them right now, likely folded in a drawer, or crammed under your sink, or stuffed inside other, larger plastic bags. (A singular feature of the plastic bag is that it’s one of the few pieces of refuse that can, cannibalistically, contain itself. ) Because if you are a typical New Yorker, you go through roughly 620 single-use plastic bags a year. Did you get a plastic bag at the deli. Did a bag come wrapped around your Seamless order. In a year, New York City as a whole manages to go through 5. 2 billion single-use plastic bags. That’s about 10,000 bags a minute — the vast majority of which end up as landfill. Tempe’s population is just 168,000, yet it goes through at least 50 million plastic bags a year. So Kuby started looking at other cities to see how they’ve dealt with bags. In 2000, when Mumbai discovered that plastic bags were clogging storm drains and exacerbating flooding during monsoon season, it banned them altogether. Plastic bags have also been banned in Bangladesh, Taiwan, Kenya, Rwanda, and Mexico City. By most accounts, these bans were accommodated and even embraced by locals. Tempe, however, never had a chance to implement any bag legislation because, in April, the Arizona State Legislature passed SB 1241, a health-care bill with a curious amendment that declared that no city or town may “impose a tax, fee, assessment,... ” In an unexpected, Dr. Seussian twist, Arizona had preemptively banned the ban: You ban bags. We’ll ban bag bans. Arizona is not the first state to enact a ban ban. Proponents of preemptively banning the bag ban argue that local bans create a confusing hodgepodge of regulation and that environmental fears over plastic bags are overblown. Others see the skirmish as part of a larger war: The unending fight to combat government tyranny and protect the American Way. Some commentators have even connected efforts to regulate plastic bags to a conspiracy involving Agenda 21, a U. N. sustainability initiative that’s become a focus of fears about the advent of one-world control. Of a bag ban enacted (and subsequently repealed) in Dallas, Glenn Beck, noted Agenda 21–ologist and famously sensitive barometer of societal cataclysm, warned his radio listeners: “You have got to stand up for little things like the plastic-bag... What Kuby hadn’t realized is that in attempting to address the tens of thousands that Tempe spends annually disposing of discarded plastic bags, she’d stumbled into a larger fight. It’s a battle being waged across the country — and one that’s about to open its newest front in New York: Mayor Bill de Blasio, who’d promised a bag ban in his campaign platform, is currently considering how, and whether, to tackle the issue. The battle is not just being fought over the fate of a familiar modern convenience but over, for one side, our last vestiges of freedom and, for the other, the future of planet Earth. And fluttering above this battlefield like the tattered banner of a besieged army, amid a haze of misinformation, counterarguments, and money, money, money, you’ll find a single, flimsy, humble plastic bag. Plastic bags are amazing. You can use one to line your bathroom trash can. You can put one on your head as an impromptu rain bonnet. You can even thank a plastic bag in your Oscar speech, as Alan Ball once did , when he concluded the thank-yous for his Best Screenplay award for American Beauty : “And finally, that plastic bag in front of the World Trade Center so many years...

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Cup Of Coffee Images, Stock Pictures, Royalty Free Cup Of ...
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Coffee Cup Pictures, Images & Photos | Photobucket
Browse Coffee Cup pictures, photos, images, GIFs, and videos on Photobucket

14 Great Coffee Cup Pictures - Photography Blogger | A ...
I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but I love the smell and atmosphere that coffee brings to a room. I also can't forget all the amazing coffee shops I've spent

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Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup
Image by www.prepper-resources.com

Description A small cup of coffee.JPG

Description A small cup of coffee.JPG
Image by en.wikipedia.org

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Coffee Cup Stains
Coffee Cup Stains
Published by Abbott Press 2011
ISBN 1458200132,9781458200136
432 pages

Life is complicated, plain and simple. What we see is not what anyone else sees. We see a red rose, but no one else sees that same red, for no one else has our eyes. And that’s life. We rely heavily on our five senses—taste, smell, touch, sight, and hearing—but only we can taste, smell, feel, see, or hear how we do. The poetry included in Coffee Cup Stains: Thoughts from an Autistic Poet is based on Joy Olree’s own five senses. She was, as Lady Gaga says, born this way—with autism, in a world that cannot fully grasp the meaning. In this new poetry collection, Olree attempts to enlighten that non-autistic world, to make its inhabitants see what she sees. RAGGED RISE Ragged rise I live careful not to see what there is to feel. Fair the well my child say there’ll never be ever cause to...

Coffee Cup Friendship & Cheesecake Fun
Coffee Cup Friendship & Cheesecake Fun
Published by Harvest House Publishers 2015
ISBN 0736902910,9780736902915
203 pages

In this delightful tribute to friendship, Freeman's humorous insights weave a vibrant tapestry of loving and caring. She encourages women to spend time with best friends and invest in the essence of life: truth, love, friendship, service, a serene mind, and a happy heart.

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Showered making coffee frying eggs actually rushing to be on time voice dictating a tweet much love :-) coffee cup no I mean a picture


RT @UCLAdvances: http://t.co/zc4t2XGiPz Tweet a picture of yourself enjoying a cup of #coffee with the hashtag... http://t.co/R93iQY7PSO


http://t.co/zc4t2XGiPz Tweet a picture of yourself enjoying a cup of #coffee with the hashtag... http://t.co/R93iQY7PSO

Cooking recipes

Fancy Coffee Cup Truffles Recipe
Ingredients:heavy cream, powdered sugar, cinnamon, semisweet chocolate, salt, butter, cocoa powder, chocolate, vanilla bean

Coffee Cup Muffins (Diabetic)
Ingredients:flour, flour, baking powder, baking soda, vegetable oil, carrot, cinnamon, egg substitute, nonstick cooking spray, raisins, sugar substitute, applesauce, vanilla extract

5 min. Chocolate Coffee Cup Cake
Ingredients:coffee, butter, cocoa powder, coffee, brown sugar, mayonaise, eggs, salt, vanilla extract, flour, semisweet chocolate

Wonderful So Easy And Delicious Cinnamon Coffee Recipe
Ingredients:coffee, cream, coffee, cinnamon, coffee, sugar

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Coventry City Nostalgia: Retro Sky Blues team photo collection from 1883 to 2014
07/15/15, via Coventry Telegraph

The front of the City team photo has changed remarkably as the club ... of course, the 1987 cup run. The film night will take place at Urban Coffee, at Fargo Village, on Friday, July 17, from 7.30pm. Entry is £1.

PHOTO ESSAY: Coast coffee roasters' aromatic journey
07/15/15, via Sunshine Coast Daily

His passion has only strengthened and he is driven to take the bean on "a journey to the cup". FLYING WEST: Coffee roaster Ben West has a coffee roasting business in Doonan that is about to take off. Jon Dominguez and Ben West. Photo: John McCutcheon ...

Sun Herald reader, inspired by photo, tells her own story
07/15/15, via Sun Herald

at my own kitchen table where I would read and sip a cup of home-brewed coffee. After I got home, I saw the Sun Herald on top of the kitchen table. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the picture of a little red fox with its cute, button nose and the perked ...

coffee cup (re-upload in color)
coffee cup (re-upload in color)

Softened a bit to give it a cosy feel. Colors pushed. Can you still see the steam?

Photo by *MarS

Coffee cup on christmas eve :-)
Coffee cup on christmas eve :-)

Photo by jannikanker

Coffee with Sugar
Coffee with Sugar

Coffee with Sugar.

Photo by JB London