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How to Make a Latte Art Heart | Perfect Coffee

Watch more How to Make the Best Coffee videos: http://www. com/videos/494737-How-to-Make-a-Latte-Art-Rosetta-Perfect-Coffee Learn how to make a.

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How Does a Club Doorman Work?

Main floor lobby has speakeasy design techniques. And downstairs Kernes: I love coffee. As you can see, I have a cup of coffee in front of me. So, it starts with making a cup of coffee at home. And in front of my computer. And answering to a number

Rob Gronkowski vs. J.J. Watt: Who Had the Better Summer?

Having released a few of the promos, the best was a Spanish-themed love ballad that was dedicated to an iced coffee drink. Naturally, the two kill it together, with Rob Gronkowski, whether by design or pure luck, might just be the biggest ladies

The New Oporto Fooding House Offers Authentic, Tasty Food in a Stylish Setting

Thin slices of green apple are fanned on the board next to the ham, and a cup of yellow-tinged turmeric cauliflower pickles provide visual and textural contrast. The effect is The restaurant doesn't take reservations except for parties of six or

How Does a Club Doorman Work? - Slate Magazine

Source: www.slate.com

We’re posting transcripts of Working, Slate ’s podcast about what people do all day, exclusively for Slate Plus members. What follows is the transcript for Season 3, Episode 3 , in which Slate culture writer Aisha Harris talks to Aleksey Kernes, a front of house manager at Hotel Chantelle, a nightclub on the Lower East Side in New York City. In this podcast, Kernes talks about nightlife, skipping lines, table service, and how being a doorman is a lot like being a lifeguard. Plus—Kernes gives advice on how to get a bartender’s attention should you find yourself in a crowded bar. Kernes: So, this location is not an actual hotel. We’re actually sitting in the ballroom. It seats 35 guests. Hotel Chantelle was opened four years ago. It’s a three-floor location with a rooftop designed to look like a Persian park. Main floor lobby has speakeasy design techniques. Kernes: So, I hold two separate positions. As of daytime, our office has four or five people daily, including reservationists and other event planners to assist. And then, late night being the doorman, front of the house manager. We have four security as well as four other ladies and gentleman that help me run the door with a VIP bottle host and reservationist. As well as publicists that are reaching out for their celebrity guests to come in and be welcomed in immediately, and making sure that the progress is really smooth. As late night, they want to avoid publicity as much as possible, and just come in for a good night and avoid running into guests who might get too excited and bombard them with questions and pictures. Kernes: A number of the clientele come here and expect to be—It’s probably best if we don’t talk about the shy ones. I think an easy example is, Selena Gomez was here two weeks ago. And every single publication wrote about it. So, I can openly talk about it. She was here two weeks ago. Just came here for a Monday brunch that we host with her new man. Kernes: Me revealing celebrities names, it mainly comes down to trust. If they know that this is their safe playground and they can come here and enjoy themselves, they’ll continue to do so. And us, as a business, we look to grow our celebrity outreach and the clientele that we have here. It goes for just about everyone that comes in. Whether you have a 9 to 5 and you got your paycheck, and you want to come here for bottle service and just have a good time, and you want that experience. Kernes: So, we have—In terms of security, we have four security. They—part of the training with them is—I believe that everyone is a lady and a gentleman. There’s a lot of opportunity to—everyone is well dressed. And there’s no need to behave like we’re in a zoo. Everyone—you know, given it’s a male-heavy industry and there’s a lot of pretty women, I want to make sure that the security treats everyone properly. Just because it’s a good-looking group doesn’t mean they should be acknowledging it verbally in ways that show disrespect to the client. And the other job for them is directing the clientele base. So, on an average night we probably go through a thousand people, in and out throughout the building. We have three floors. So, making sure that guests who are supposed to be in the guest line, and the table line, and the VP line. And just giving general information to guest who come up. Even though I mainly focus on general admission a lot, the regular clients come to me because they have an existing relationship with me. So, a lot of times, the guest list has a... So, if you were coming up to me and you know someone that’s part of our business, we obviously take care of the guests at—the easy way to get inside. And obviously, making a reservation. And lots of easily available tools. And we’ll tell you what you need to do to come inside. Generally, just passing by and you saw a line. It looked like a fun place. Normally, it’s a difference between bar tab and tables. We believe that we’re well priced. Same way you have a dinner reservation, you have a late night reservation. And you just—the product that you serve is bottle service.

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Nestl Coffee-mate? Coffee Creamer Hazelnut - 15oz Powder Creamer

Nestl Coffee-mate? Coffee Creamer Hazelnut - 15oz Powder Creamer

(Bulk Office Supply)

Price: $4.29

Delight your employees, customers and guests by offering Coffee-mate powdered creamer in your workplace, breakroom or kitchen. Creamer offers a rich Hazelnut taste and creamy texture in a multi-serve canister so you can enjoy coffeehouse indulgence without ever leaving your office building. Powdered product reduces waste while delivering a superior cup of coffee. Creamer dissolves quickly and easily without diluting or cooling coffee. Simply stir and enjoy. Shelf-stable creamer eliminates spoilage issues. Unique flip-top canister is designed for easy, hygienic pouring. Kosher dairy creamer is lactose-free.


16 Cool Coffee Cup Designs For a Creative Refill
Coffee – the mere thought of this beverage fills most of us with a sense of refreshment. Most of us kick the early morning blue away with a wonderful cup of coffee ...

cool coffee mugs on Pinterest | Coffee Mugs, Mugs and ...
Explore Denise Hartle's board "cool coffee mugs" on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas | See more about Coffee Mugs ...

20 Coolest Coffee Cups Designs - Designzzz - Graphics and ...
These coffee mug designs contain panache and creativity along with easy to hold and usage tools. ... Cool Coffee Cup… Check! Pull, in case of emergency. Rubix cup.

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baldwin tried to offer his service as a designer to assist him in ...

baldwin tried to offer his service as a designer to assist him in ...
Image by www.tuvie.com


Image by flickr.com

16 Cool Coffee Cup Designs For a Creative Refill

16 Cool Coffee Cup Designs For a Creative Refill
Image by pinterest.com

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Chemical Product Design
Chemical Product Design
Published by Cambridge University Press 2011
ISBN 9781139497916,113949791X

The chemical industry is changing, going beyond commodity chemicals to a palette of higher value added products. This groundbreaking book, now revised and expanded, documents this change and shows how to meet the challenges implied. Presenting a four-step design process - needs, ideas, selection, manufacture - the authors supply readers with a simple design template that can be applied to a wide variety of products. Four new chapters on commodities, devices, molecules/drugs and microstructures show how this template can be applied to products including oxygen for emphysema patients, pharmaceuticals like taxol, dietary supplements like lutein, and beverages which are more satisfying. For different groups of products the authors supply both strategies for design and summaries of relevant...

Everyday Innovators
Everyday Innovators
Published by Springer Science & Business Media 2006
ISBN 9781402038723,1402038720
238 pages

Everyday Innovators explores the active role of people, collectively and individually, in shaping the use of information and communication technologies. It examines issues around acquiring and using that knowledge of users, how we should conceptualise the role of users and understand the forms and limitations of their participation. To what extent should we think of users as being innovative and creative? To what extent is this routine or exceptional, confined to particular group of users or part of many people’s experience of technologies? Where does the nature of the ICT or the particularities of its design impose constraints on the active role that users can play in their interaction with devices and services? Where do the horizons and orientations of the users influence or limit...

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Fancy Coffee Cup Truffles Recipe
Ingredients:heavy cream, powdered sugar, cinnamon, semisweet chocolate, salt, butter, cocoa powder, chocolate, vanilla bean

Coffee Cup Muffins (Diabetic)
Ingredients:flour, flour, baking powder, baking soda, vegetable oil, carrot, cinnamon, egg substitute, nonstick cooking spray, raisins, sugar substitute, applesauce, vanilla extract

5 min. Chocolate Coffee Cup Cake
Ingredients:coffee, butter, cocoa powder, coffee, brown sugar, mayonaise, eggs, salt, vanilla extract, flour, semisweet chocolate

Coffee Jello
Ingredients:coffee, coffee, salt, sugar, unflavored gelatin

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Brewed awakenings: Six of the best new cafes in Dubai
07/26/15, via whatson.ae

A macchiato was Dhs13 and came in a lovely cup with a leaf design on the milk. With a disused coffee contraption in one corner, picture frames displaying labels from coffee bean bags, and light bulbs hanging from the ceiling in jam jars, Brew has cool style.

Newgrange inspiration for award-winning coffee table
07/27/15, via meathchronicle.ie

A bleached, sandblasted and whitened ash coffee table ... received €500 sponsored by the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland as well as an RDS medal and certificate. The William Smith O’Brien Perpetual Challenge Cup was awarded to Nicola Henley for ...

Whole latte art pours into Vertigo Coffee
07/24/15, via San Benito County Today

As Ancira, 27, stepped back from a winning design with a tulip pattern, he reflected on his art form. Making cups of coffee can be an impersonal experience ... shift that makes it fun and makes every cup unique,” he said. Although this “latte throwdown ...


Photo by Ryu1chi Miwa

I am a design nerd
I am a design nerd

How it happened, this British company recently started selling this incredibly cool set of Pantone© coffee mugs. They're sold out right now, ok? Surprise, surprise. Anyways, I just wanted the ultramarine 286C jobbie, because 286C is as close to International Klein Blue as I've seen[1] and that's my favorite color in the entire universe, and it should be yours too, if it isn't then you're probably still ok but maybe there's something a little wrong with you. But they don't sell them individually, yet - only in sets of ten, and you can't choose the colors, and they don't ship outside the EU. (Just wait, I'll bet they're cooking up a business model right now that will let you order singles in any Pantone color. Because the Army of Design Nerds wants them.) ANYWAYS, thwarted I was, so I loaded up my favorite image processing software and made a simple Yves Klein Blue rectangle[2], stuck some Gill Sans MT on the bottom, and uploaded it to Cafe Press, who will print anything on...

Photo by Sidereal

Double Design
Double Design

2010/01/21: Quirky things often catch your eye and make for interesting art. Make a photo of something that makes you go "Hmmm" today. #ds67 Cool double design on my latte from Jaho Coffee & Tea, in Salem, MA.

Photo by Kevin Grocki